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Fun to do things in Undertale

Discussion in 'Fun & Games' started by brooky, Sep 29, 2016.

  1. brooky

    brooky Mario and Luigi RPG Master Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    310 coins
    Almost Everyone loves Undertale,and this game has many secrets I will admit but here I will post my favorite ones.

    Messing with Sans~ If you try to skip Sans dialogue ("It's a beautiful day outside.") in his fight in Genocide Run, he will immediately start attacking you at full speed, then after a full combo he will pause and resume with : "Anyways, as I was saying, it's a beautiful day outside...".

    long names don't buy you~ If you hack the game files and change your name to something ridiculously long (I changed mine to FOUR SQUARE AND SEVEN YEARS AGO I WAS BORN IN DETROIT MET SUPER MAN HAD A BABY THE REST IS FLOWEY'S HISTORY), the stat screen will also read "Big change, huh?"

    No Tea for me~ here's an another thing that most players probably missed. If you refuse Asgore's offer of tea...
    Asgore: Oh...
    Asgore: Okay.
    Undyne: Frisk! Stop! You're breaking his big burly heart!
    Asgore: Um, it's OK, Undyne.
    Asgore: My heart's already broken.
    Alphys: Y-yeah, Asgore. Don't break Undyne's heart.
    Alphys: That's my job.
    Undyne: Sure, Papyrus.
    Sans: guess i have to go in the trash too.
    Toriel: Oh, may I enter the trash as well?
    Undyne: Uh, okay?
    Asgore: Am I invited to the trash?
    Undyne: SURE!!! WHY NOT!!!
    Toriel: On second thought, do not put me in the trash.
    Asgore: Oh...
    Undyne: OH MY GOD!!

    Books are mean~ One of the library books changes in genocide, and it kind of explains why you can kill some monsters in neutral and everyone still threats you the same.

    "Monster funerals, technically speaking, are super crap.
    When monsters die, their bodies turn into dust.
    One time this kid at my school went missing for a week and everyone thought he was dead...
    But then he came back!!!
    Turns out he was visiting his girlfriend in Hotland and and didn't tell anyone!
    To be scientific, it sucks that no one ever knows if anyone's dead or alive.
    So yeah, what do we do at funerals, anyway?
    Professionally speaking:

    We pour the dust on whatever that person liked.
    Then they will live on... ... in that object... ... symbolically...
    Uhhh, did I reach the page minimum yet?
    I'm kinda sick of writing. "

    Signs are also mean~ If you read the Dog Marriage warning sign twice, it says...
    (Yes, you read that correctly.)

    Wait Papy come back~ When Papyrus explains the tile puzzle, if you say you didn't understand he'll get them mixed up the second time around. If you say you still don't understand, he'll leave without doing the puzzle.

    I don't UNDERstand~ - Trying to backtrack out of the Snowdin puzzle rooms without solving those nets extra dialogue. Here's the one for the word jumble: "SANS!!! THE HUMAN IS ESCAPING!!! YOU MADE THE PUZZLE TOO HARD!!"

    Teasing the cute little stem~ (The second one is hilarious)
    Dodging Flowey's pellets will make him upset at first, do it for a while and he tells you to run into the bullets. He stops, looks to his speech bubble and rewrites it to "friendship pellets". Dodging them again makes him mad, he says that you DO know what's going on and that you want to make him suffer again. You monster.

    Killing yourself on Omega Flowey's ring of bullets during his speech enough times makes his visor revert back to regular Flowey looking annoyed and he will say "Can you stop that?"

    How did you-- ~ During the Mettaton musical, the game's title changes to "UNDERTALE the Musical" if you have it windowed.

    Box fun~ If you accumulate enough punch cards and leave those in the box, you get various messages when you remove one.

    "Two bugs in the box are playing a 3-card game." > "All games must end one day."
    "There's a smiley face made of cards in the box." > "Happiness is fleeting."
    "A house made of cards sits in the box." > "The house collapses."

    Have fun~!
  2. Gary Johnson

    Gary Johnson Dedicated to Poyoism Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    26 coins
    How I had fun in Undertale was killing everyone.
  3. brooky

    brooky Mario and Luigi RPG Master Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    310 coins
    Yes! I will post a Undertale history with with MY HISTORY SOON and you will see how we both relate with the path of Genocide MWHAHAHHA~!!
  4. Kooleo-Aid

    Kooleo-Aid Still a newbie That one stalker

    Play Coins:
    303 coins
    At the beginning of the game when Toriel tells you to stay put, if you continue calling her for a while you'll get funny dialogue.
    A conversation happens where she starts chasing a dog for stealing her phone xD