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Bravely Default How hard is that difficulty spike in Bravely Default?

Discussion in 'Nintendo 3DS Games' started by BlazingPhoenix, Feb 6, 2016.

  1. BlazingPhoenix

    BlazingPhoenix I made Resetti's Bad list. Banned User

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    501 coins
    So I heard that bravely Default is a really good game and basically the spirital succesor to the final fantasy main series, which i love, and i plan on buying it very soon, like by end of month soon. But, i have heard the game is split up into chapters, and i have also heard that chapter 5&6 have an unpredictable difficulty spike. I want to know, however, just how bad the spike is. I also want to know if there is any way to prepare for the spike.
  2. Mr4648

    Mr4648 A boy with a beast inside Towns Folk

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    34 coins
    It gets really bad mid chapter 5. But when you get past that the game does not get any other spikes like that one. The best way to prepare for it is to save your money for this one later game item that doubles exp. When I got that item and leveled up my team it got alot easier.
  3. AngelsShadow

    AngelsShadow Number XIV in the orginization, The Noisy Artist Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    191 coins
    hey bro. Bravley default is A VERY good game, the difficulty spike isnt to bad i started chapter 5 at like lv 55 did a little farmming in chapter five did some side bosses and at lv 60 the chapter got really simple to beat. make sure you level up the slave maker, white mage, dark mage, and the free lancer. i have an elixer mamon, basically an unlimited suply of elixers when you steal from it, My FC is 3239 5009-9997 and name is odd dog so if you want that friend me and you should get it.
  4. Aura Knight

    Aura Knight Captain of the S.S. Clark

    Play Coins:
    139 coins
    You can edit the difficulty and encounter rates at any time in the game. The best method for dealing with these would be to edit the encounter rates to 100% (so you almost always get an encounter), grind for as long as you need, then set the rate to -100% (so enemies never appear) and heal yourself.