Inklings or Octolings?

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Now that Splatoon has the Octo Wxpansion available, whoever buys it and escapes to the surface will be able to play as an Octoling in online matches and Salmon Run. My question is this: which do you prefer, the classic Inklings, or the new Octolings? For me, I love Inklings, but I kinda like the style of Octolings more (not the boy Octolings, they look like trash) than Inklings. They just look prettier and more modern, if you could say that. So, what about you?
Octolings! It's basically just Octopus vs Squid
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Octolings seem cooler. But i'm stuck with inklings as of now ;~;
I pick the octolings cause I really like the octoling boys voice and his hair. Also I been picked the inkling girl as a default when I started both games back then so i feel the octoling boy feels more fresh to me idk.
Octoling boy has a nice haircut. But I'd rather pick an Inkling because that's what I find more iconic. You don't see Octolings in Smash except for spirits. Inklings have a nice smooth look to their haircuts in general and it's not overdone. Also it's been around since the beginning so you can say it's the real OG.
Both are cool. I think octolings are cooler by a slight margin. Honestly love both of the designs, some of the best new nintendo designs in recent memory.