Most Splatted by weapon in Splatoon?

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Which weapon do you find you get splatted by frequently in Splatoon? that annoying little weapon that gets you pretty much everytime? you probably hate it, am I right? maybe it's a weapon that's widely used?

I usually get splatted often by the .52 Gal Deco. It's so OP, even though it has a slow firing rate. I rage everytime I get KO'd by it. xD
I say that the people that use the sniper rifles and are really good at them made me want to kill them. Another weapon that I think people die the most from is the carbon roller or the splat on roller. I would probably say that I think the splat on roller gets more kills because it has the squid that more people prefer than the missle or what ever thing.
I'd have to say 52 gal.s as well, either that or those uber fast rollers. When an inkling pops out of nowhere with one of those weapons, 7/10 times I'll be toast lol. I can't react to them fast enough for the life of me. xP
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I always tend to get splatted by the sniper rifles more than anything else, which is typical for me as I tend to be this way in any first person shooter. I just tend to not pay attention to my surroundings and just get shot out of nowhere by someone I didn't even know was aiming at me...:dead:
I tend to get splatted by chargers a lot. I try to get near them to kill them but I get splatted on the way like 80% of the time. And when I use a charger to kill them, my aim sucks and they splat me before I even get a chance to find a good spot to camp at. And the japanese snipers get me more often than others. Their aim is just so good . And make it an E-liter and pure MPU gear, and your whole team is basically dead meat. I also get splatted by hydra splatlings quite a lot. Again, similar to chargers. Long range, can;t get to them.
Dang. That is actually a hard question for me. For splatoon one it has to be either and eliter weapon or a splattershot of some sort cause i have a friend who's a pro that tend to kill me and alot of people with those weapons. For splatoon 2 tho i can't think of anything exactly specific. Maybe a long range weapon like a splattershot pro? I main the inkbrush in splatoon 2 so long range can be difficult to counter from afar if you don't know what your doing. I feel the vast weapon classes and weapons in splatoon 2 make it hard for their to be exactly a meta in the game as there was in splatoon 1 with the quick reaspawn spam gear and the luna blaster lmao.