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Splatoon 2 My thoughts on the Hydra from Splatoon 2

Discussion in 'Splatoon' started by MysticSniper, Nov 26, 2017.

  1. MysticSniper

    MysticSniper Spirit of a Dragon Towns Folk

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    From all the hype I heard about it on facebook, I was expecting it to do some amazing things. It disappointed me real bad, but I don't think the weapon itself is fully at fault here. It seems like they gave it the worst possible kit, to the point it doesn't really fit any role on a team, and needs too much support from the team to do what it's supposed to be good at effectively.
    First, let's talk about the weapon itself. The charge time on it is painfully slow for only minimal gains. It only gets a slightly longer range and maybe burst time for needding almost 2 more seconds than the heavy for a full charge. Maybe if it was a 3 hit kill instead of a 4, it'd feel more worth it. By contrast, the eliter doesn't feel painfully slow, and the range gain over the normal charger feel like it makes a difference. All this on top of a terrible painting ability, and it doesn't seem worth running over a heavy or deco splatling. It does point defense well, though, but the kit doesn't let it do that effective ly.
    The kit on it is autobomb sub and splashdown special. This is a great combo if you can run up to opponents and get pressure on them: the hydra makes that playstyle a suicide mission. The reasonning for auto bombs given is very weak. They're supposed to zone opponents out, keepping them from aproaching, but autos don't do this well. They're better for making an opponent run from a position so you can shoot at them, but the range on it is so great, you need sub proficency up to do this effectively. Suction bombs or toxic mist would be better for what they wanted to do with it. Splashdown is supposed to give you a close range option, but a good supportive team can keep the opponemts off you far more effectively than a panic button that only avalible about 60% of the time. Ink armor or tenta missles would've been better for it, or curling bomb launcher can do what they say splashdown does for it, and give it an awesome painting ability at the same time.
    So basically, the lack of any real advantage over the heavy, the niche it does fill the deco splatling does better at, needs team support to do its job effectively, and a kit that focuses on coverring weaknesses rather than improving strengths or give it options make it too weak a weapon to be used regularly. But maybe I'm missing the point of it, or maybe I don't use it effectively enough.