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Some of the Pedia To-Do List

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Marc, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Marc

    Marc Until We Go Down Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    2,517 coins
    I might as well make a post of some things I have been wanting to cover for the Pedia forum that some of you might be able to help with. This is just a short list of things others can help with here.

    1. Change EXP progress bar to Splatoon 2 ink

    So far I've failed at trying to find a good render of moving Splatoon 2 ink to use as a background image for the progress bar that's displayed when we view our EXP progress to advance to the next level.


    If someone can find a gif that can be used, this can be crossed off the to-do list.

    2. Fresh set of forum section icons to display on Pedia's forum index page

    Size: 36 x 36 pixels.
    Requirement: Must not have any empty pixels around the image itself (it makes the image tinier).

    This will require image editing skills to make.

    I'll also need someone who uses PhotoShop (for the quality) and can combine all of the images into a sprite sheet. On Pedia, I use a sprite sheet to display these images to have them loaded faster with the help of CSS.

    One image = one image load instead of multiple individual image loads = faster page loading speed​


    3. Fresh event ideas

    If you are creative and have good event ideas, send a private message to me and include @Mikaya in it.

    • Unique/interesting contest ideas all Pedians can participate in (not in-game play related).
    • BillBoard - https://nintenpedia.com/forum/billboard/
    • Ideas for special days such as Christmas, April Fools, etc.
    More points for those who can cover all from the type list.

    4. Someone who keeps up with Nintendo Switch games

    I'll provide more details about this one in private, but if you know a lot of Nintendo Switch games, you're capable of recommending specific games to people who require specific games, know the hidden gems of the eShop, etc etc etc, let me know. You should already be keeping up with new releases, what categories they belong to, and so on.

    The aim is to fill up content people might want on our forum pages. If you have HTML knowledge, that's a plus but not needed.

    5. Guide Writers

    Those who want to write information-rich guides for the main site can also get in contact with me. Guides can range from Nintendo smartphone games to Nintendo 3DS/Switch games to Nintendo Switch console how-tos. For eligible guides, you will get a decent amount of Play Coins in return. You can also obtain "The Professor" emblem for having a XX guides published on the main site.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2018
  2. Aura Knight

    Aura Knight Captain of the S.S. Clark

    Play Coins:
    139 coins

    I've got an idea for a challenge. How do I go about saying that?
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  3. Marc

    Marc Until We Go Down Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    2,517 coins
    Send me a private message and tag @Mikaya in it.
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