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Steam Share? (Otome Games)

Discussion in 'PlayStation, Xbox, Mobile, PC Gaming' started by Frost, Apr 19, 2017 at 10:44 PM.

  1. Frost

    Frost Dreamer121420 Towns Folk

    Play Coins:
    71 coins
    I learned that steam had this feature that allows players to share games. Is this a okay feature to use? I was wondering if anyone would be open to share some games with me. I'm looking for Dandelion and Nameless Steam. Both games are made by Cheritz.
  2. SkyHuntress

    SkyHuntress Resident PC Overwatch player

    Play Coins:
    1,061 coins
    If you're talking about family share, then yeah it's a pretty cool feature to use. You need to give the username + password to the person that wants the games in your library though then go into settings and active a couple things. Then when that person logs back into their own account, they'll find that any family-share acceptable games (Not all games can use this feature, but it's a good amount of games which can.) has been added to their library under the title of whom ever owns the game.

    Note that 2 people cannot be playing the same, or different games from the same library. So say Person 1 had 2 games, Game A and Game B. Person 2 wants to play Game A so they family share. Person 2 starts to play Game A and Person 1 starts to play Game B, Person 2 will end up being kicked off of the game after 5 minutes if Person 1 doesn't close their game before then. Same goes for if Person 2 wants to play Game A but Person 1 is already playing Game B. Person 2 will not be able to launch the game until after Person 1 has closed their game. If there are more people, say Person 3 had access to Person 1's account as well through family share, then it'll work the same. If Person 3 was playing Game A, then Person 2 wouldn't be able to play any of Person 1's games until Person 3 has finished.

    It's kinda annoying, and I've not found a way round that yet, but it's fantastic if you and the other person play games at different times, or if the other person doesn't play their games too much.

    I don't have the games you've been looking for, but I thought I'd explain how it works in case anyone is unsure about it :p