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The 3 Worst Zelda Games

Discussion in 'The Legend of Zelda' started by Dark Link, Nov 11, 2017 at 12:21 PM.

  1. Dark Link

    Dark Link The Hero in Black Link's Dark Side

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    You may not even heard of these three games or seen them before but here I'd like to talk about the three worst Zelda Games (Even though I wish they were better). You may be wondering what I mean by that title, well these games were terrible and there is a huge reason why. So let me tell you about these Zelda games that never were good.

    Link: The Faces of Evil
    Ignoring the fact that this game says "Link" instead of "The Legend of Zelda", this game is actually one that looks good by its cover, but don't let that fool you. This game is absolutely terrible. The game wanted to include cutscenes in which once you progress through the story you will get cutscenes to "expand" your knowledge on the story. However the lack of a true Zelda game in this made it appear on Top 10 Worst Games All Time.


    This game was released 1993, along with Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon which is basically a new and different game.
    That brings us to our Second game.

    Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon
    Again ignoring the fact this one says "Zelda" and not saying "The Legend of Zelda", this games cover and title is questionable. This game is the same way as The Faces of Evil, it is absolutely terrible and was on a Top 10 Worst Games of All Time list. The game is basically pointless for Zelda. She tries to find Link and travels a long ways, yet Link is actually at Hyrule Castle stuck in a Mirror

    Even though this game isn't worth playing, just know this game takes a different turn. Instead of playing as Link, you actually get to play as Zelda! Even though you don't get to play as Zelda as often, there is another Zelda game that focuses on her.
    Which brings us to our third game.

    Zelda's Adventure
    Ok this is not right. I mean seriously just the look of the cover is very unappealing and it looks like a new game for The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings or whatever is similar to that. Even the plot is weird, Ganon Kidnaps Link and Zelda is our hero? I mean the idea might be good, but the way they made this game wasn't good.

    Now there's probably one question on your mind as your reading this. Why are these games terrible?! Well the answer is quite simple actually. These aren't even Official Nintendo Games. That's right there were some problems due to a deal not being fulfilled, so Nintendo allowed Philips the license to five of its characters. They chosen the 5 characters and made 3 Zelda games and Nintendo wasn't involved in the development of them games.

    Thats it for the three terrible games, let me know what you think.
  2. 3dsCollector

    3dsCollector Pokemon Trainer Towns Folk

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    Imagine of the Nintendo PlayStation didn’t fall through, then these games would never have been made for the CDi. Maybe Nintendo would have even allowed Sony the same deal and allow them to use Zelda characters. Maybe these games could have been good.
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  3. Knight

    Knight Aspiring Punladin Towns Folk

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    They never happened.
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