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The Official Zelda Timeline

Discussion in 'The Legend of Zelda' started by Dark Link, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Dark Link

    Dark Link The Hero in Black Link's Dark Side

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    This is a Quote from Hyrule Historia
    A Chronology of the History of Hyrule
    "The chronology begins with the creation of heaven and earth, immediately followed by the events of Skyward Sword. It splits after Ocarina of Time, with one timeline depicting the events that follow Link's triumph over Ganon, and the other his defeat. The section of the timeline where Link triumphs is further divided into two separate realities: the Child Era, where Link returns to his original time, and the Adult Era, where the Hero of Time disappears and Ganondorf is free to return unopposed"

    This is a Timeline explaining what happens
    and the order of how it happens
    The Legend of The Goddesses and the Hero
    Creation | The Creation of the Land and Sky
    Era of the Goddess Hylia | Skyward Sword

    The Ancient Battle and the
    Reincarnation of the
    Goddess Hylia

    Sky Era | A Return to the Surface

    Era of Chaos | The Sacred Realm is Sealed
    Era of Prosperity | The Establishment of Hyrule Kingdom
    Force Era| The Minish Cap

    The Rise of the Evil Vaati
    Four Swords
    The Resurrection
    Of Vaati
    Era of the Hero of Time | Hyrulean Civil War
    (Child Era/Adult Era)-----------------------------

    Ocarina of Time
    The Sacred Realm becomes the Dark World
    Ganondorf becomes Demon King
    The Hero is Defeated
    The Decline of Hyrule
    And the Last Hero

    The Imprisoning War
    Era of Light And Dark|
    A Link to the Past
    The Resurrection of Ganon
    Oracle of Ages and
    Oracle of Seasons
    The Resurrection of Ganon
    Golden Era | Link's Awakening
    |The Monarchs of Hyrule use the Triforce
    Era of Decline | The Tragedy of Princess Zelda I
    The Legend of Zelda
    The Resurrection of Ganon
    The Adventure of Link
    The Resurrection of Ganon
    Is Prevented

    The Hero is Triumphant
    Child Era~The Twilight Realm and
    And the Last The Legacy of the Hero

    (The Sacred Realm remains Protected)
    Majora's Mask
    The Demon Thief Ganondorf, Is Executed
    Twilight Era | Twilight Princess
    The Shadow Invasion
    Shadow Era | Four Swords Adventures
    The Reincarnation of Ganondorf

    The Resurrection of Vaati

    Adult Era~The Hero of
    Winds and a New World

    (Ganondorf is Sealed)
    Ganondorf is Resurrected
    Era without a Hero | Hyrule is Sealed and then Flooded
    Era of the Great Sea | The Wind Waker
    Ganondorf is Resurrected
    Phantom Hourglass
    Era of the Great Voyage|
    New Continent Discovered A New Hyrule Kingdom is Founded

    Era of Hyrule's Rebirth |Spirit Tracks
    Demon King Malladus is Resurrected

    Near the End of Ocarina of Time it depends what happens to Link in the battle with Ganondorf. If Link is defeated then "The Decline of Hyrule and the Last Hero" Timeline will happen. If Link Does Defeat Ganondorf then it depends on what Link does after the Battle. If Link puts the Master Sword to rest he enters the "Child Era". If he stays a adult he enters the "Adult Era" and the events will follow as listed. That is why there are 3 Different Timelines

    Now Right after "The Adventure of Link" is where Breath of the Wild could possibly take place. I didn't put it in there because it isn't officially approved by Nintendo but there is strong evidence on why Breath of the Wild should be listed here. But of course it could be anywhere on the timeline since it's not proven yet and there is strong evidence in each timeline for where it should be. So as for now until Nintendo announces it, I'll leave Breath of the Wild out.
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  2. Kakea

    Kakea Survivor Towns Folk

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    I just saw this!!! And it seems perfect! I assumed that it would be placed before Ovarian Of Time, coinciding with the war that suppose took place before the events of that game! But this makes more sense: If Gabon couldn't find a vessel in this timeline, it makes sense that calamity Gannon would exist! It also falls in line with the previous game's style! In which the player wanders Hyrule and figures out what to do by themselves (BOTW was kinda like that, though there WAS alot of talking/hints to help too...) The seems very logical like this, I'd be surprise if Nintendo doesn't say this themselves whenever the new Historia comes out!
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  3. Izagar

    Izagar Always sleepy. Towns Folk

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    I would say that Breath of the Wild happens in the Adult Timeline because the game mentions that all the Divine Beasts were named of sages of the past. Not only that, the Divine Beasts are also championed by Champions of the same races of the sages.

    Ruta - Ruto - Zoras - Mipha
    Rudania - Darunia - Goron - Daruk
    Medoh - Medli - Rito - Revali
    Naboris - Nabooru - Gerudo - Urbosa

    The Calamity Ganon had only suddenly appeared 10,000 years ago, before the events of Breath of the Wild. So I am guessing between Spirit Tracks and Breath of the Wild, that the Great Flood has receded with the "death" of Ganondorf, who only ended up reincarnating anyways. So there was an era of lasting peace for a long time, because Ganondorf and Malladus were not in any part of the world, leaving few monsters to be a threat to the Sheikah and the Hylians.

    I'm hoping the next DLC will clear it further or even the next Zelda game since Aonuma doesn't even know it's placement.
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  4. Pandaxclone2

    Pandaxclone2 Pokemon Sprite Artist Hobbyist Towns Folk

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    Except the Zora exist here simultaneously with the Rito whom evolved from Zoras and are non-existent in Wind Waker save for the sage. Heck, even the Zoras themselves are talking about a great flood approaching if they do nothing as if it's never happened before. The only divine beast confirmed in-story to be named after a sage AFAIK is Naboris, whereas the other two have semi-strong cases of being the same (especially Rudania which can be an anagram of Darunia.) Medoh being Medli could be possible but as far as the circumstantial evidence goes it's stretching it a bit and like the other two, isn't confirmed.

    I do believe personally that Breath of the Wild takes place in the Fallen Timeline, preferably after Zelda II. The Rito are definitely quite different from their Wind Waker counterparts which leaves me to believe that they are not the same species as the ones we see in WW. The Koroks on the other hand have not changed from their Wind Waker appearance. The Kokiri don't "evolve" so much as they get triggered into that state from leaving the forest, so it's definitely possible for them to do so in any of the three timelines.

    The fact that the world also knows Ganondorf as simply "Calamity Ganon" also implies it's been well over some time since he was known by his former moniker that it's disappeared from Hyrule's history. In which timeline have we seen Ganon most frequently assume his pig-beast form by the same name? The Fallen Timeline. I also agree with what Matpat pointed out in his theory, that Link's clothes in BotW mimic that of the Fallen Timeline hero's clothes rather than the other two.

    Also, let's all agree here: bringing up the "steeped in twilight" line does no good in figuring out the timeline. The German translation also brings up "Link to the Past" and "sailing the seas" in that same scene, and besides there is another usage for twilight than just the mirror.
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  5. Kakea

    Kakea Survivor Towns Folk

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    If it is in the adult timeline, that means it goes after Windwaker... How did Ganondorf survive/revive adter the Master Sword was impaled into his skull!? If I'm remembering right, what you say makes sense technically, since Trains could of course lead to other mechas being made (Divine Beast) but I wish they'd explain IF it is in that timeline, how did the King of Evil reincarnate with Evil's Bane in him?

    The downfall timeline makes sense too, it seems perfect! (I need to see that video!) It makes sense except the huge gap between Link's Adventure and BOTW, Gabon HAS risen before, this is why everything's set up for a fight against him. Making the possibility of ANOTHER game happening makes it hard to puece it together yourself: Something MAJOR happened in the downfall timeline, as BOTW has a very different progressive path than what the adult timeline shows... The trains in Spirit tracks lead to the Divine Beasts, but the downfall timeline doesn't seem to show any mechanical progress...
  6. Pandaxclone2

    Pandaxclone2 Pokemon Sprite Artist Hobbyist Towns Folk

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    See, that's the thing though: since Ganon was unable to resurrect (which would've been too early for him anyways) in the Adventure of Link, it would mean long-lasting peace for the kingdom of Hyrule and allow the growth of Sheikah technology. We don't necessarily need to see a concrete title showing this technological leap in the timeline. The potential for that is all there by the end of Zelda II.

    And besides, I don't think Ganon rising beforehand has much impact on BotW's plot. I got the impression that Ganon got curbstomped so badly in the last 10,000 years after his resurrection that he basically got fed up with it and turned into a monster for the sake of pure, raw power to devastate Hyrule. Then, and only then would he be allowed the opportunity to reincarnate properly, if it weren't for that meddling Zelda and Link.

    Also, I completely forgot another thing that could tie it further into the Fallen Timeline: the Triforce itself. In both the Child Timeline and the Adult Timeline (possibly since the pieces do scatter once the wish is made in WW) the Triforce largely remains hidden in Link, Zelda and Ganondorf in their respective pieces. In BotW however, the Triforce is whole and resides within Zelda only as we see when she uses her sealing magic. The Fallen Timeline is the only other one that has the Triforce whole most frequently, with the only times that it wasn't whole was during Zelda I and II, but it would've easily been reassembled afterwards with no Ganon around.
  7. Izagar

    Izagar Always sleepy. Towns Folk

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    @Kakea @Pandaxclone2 Let me make a few notes here:

    Ganondorf is capable of resurrecting and reincarnating into another form. Demise placed a curse on the "Blood of the Goddess" (Zelda) and the "Spirit of the Hero" (Link) in which a "reincarnation of his anger" (Ganondorf) would return and plague Hyrule in a never ending cycle of hatred and blood. That being said, his anger first took form in Ocarina of Time, taking the form of a Gerudo. Does that mean Ganondorf would always be a Gerudo? No. He can take any form, so long as he can use his true power.

    As for his deaths, Ganondorf died three times in all three split timelines. He died in The Wind Waker. He died in Twilight Princess. He died (for sure) in A Link Between Worlds. He was revived prematurely in Oracle of Ages/Oracle of Seasons as a mindless angry beast and then slayed once more. He was reborn as another Ganondorf in Four Sword Adventures, after his death in Twilight Princess, then was slayed again. And now, in Breath of the Wild, he spent some centuries or millenia after his defeat in The Wind Waker and was revived again due to Demise's curse, but was slayed again, sealed under Hyrule Castle for 10,000 years.

    As for his monster form as Calamity Ganon in BOTW, he was part-Ganondorf, part-Guardian, and part-Malice. He was trying to reincarnate into his human form, so he could be more sane. Zelda stood against him and she sealed him into the cocoon we saw. So Ganon was still trying to take a better form--even a human one--but Zelda slowed his process down completely and so he was stuck as three parts. He gave up reincarnating because even in his screwed up form, he couldn't beat Link, so Ganon became his true form of the boar and was covered completely in Malice, only to be sealed again once more because of Princess Zelda.

    So again, I still think BOTW is in the adult timeline because of my earlier post.
  8. Pandaxclone2

    Pandaxclone2 Pokemon Sprite Artist Hobbyist Towns Folk

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    Just a quick note here:
    It's fine to make some notes on the facts but do seperate it from the theory.

    With that out of the way, Ganon's true form after Demise's Curse has always been his boar/pig form. It's even stated as much in Hyrule Historia that after the Hero of Time was defeated and he collected the other two pieces of the Triforce in the Fallen Timeline, he shed his human form and became Demon King Ganon. Even now in BotW when his intelligence is stripped away, his pure hatred takes the form of a giant boar, which reinforces the statement that this is his true form. (Not to say that this means BotW factually takes place in the Fallen Timeline per se, just that the evidence correlates.) So while it's true that he could theoretically reincarnate into any form he chooses, he is still at his core the Demon King Ganon.

    As for BotW's Calamity Ganon, if I recall correctly he only starts attempting to make a human form for himself shortly after Link wakes up in the Resurrection Chamber. After all, Calamity Ganon also incorporates traits of the Blight Ganon beasts into his being which logically would've come from them after their defeat (and note, that even if you don't free all the Divine Beasts or any of them, you still fight the Blight Ganons before Calamity Ganon's fight proper.) Also, since his Gerudo form predates the timeline split itself, his Gerudo traits aren't out of place to pin it to any one timeline. But it's the distinct fact that he has no human form in BotW that tips off some clues as to where its placement is in the split timelines.

    Finally, Calamity Ganon giving up on reincarnation is actually only present in the English translation AFAIK; the Japanese line makes it clear that his final form is due to Ganon's refusal to give up on reincarnating.
  9. Blue Knight

    Blue Knight Water Spirit Towns Folk

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    The timeline is acting up rubbish for the most part :B I used to swear by it but... Ot became clear that, while not an afterthought, it wasn't planned in advance in any way whatsoever. Games might be made to fit, but they aren't made with the timeline in mind. It's safe to ignore it.
  10. Pandaxclone2

    Pandaxclone2 Pokemon Sprite Artist Hobbyist Towns Folk

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    I don't think anybody's disputing that it wasn't put together semi-hastily, but for now that is Nintendo's official stance whether you choose to believe in it or not. Since it gives a canonical order of events to each game and also presents a method of playing them in order (in fact it's probably the main reason I decided to start mass-playing a lot of Zelda games), I personally don't mind if it wasn't the most well thought out timeline ever. If anything it seems coherent.

    But since this is a discussion about BotW's placement in the timeline, we may as well continue on the topic.