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The Official Zelda Timeline

Discussion in 'The Legend of Zelda' started by Dark Link, Sep 24, 2017.

  1. Dark Link

    Dark Link The Hero in Black Link's Dark Side

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    This is a Quote from Hyrule Historia
    A Chronology of the History of Hyrule
    "The chronology begins with the creation of heaven and earth, immediately followed by the events of Skyward Sword. It splits after Ocarina of Time, with one timeline depicting the events that follow Link's triumph over Ganon, and the other his defeat. The section of the timeline where Link triumphs is further divided into two separate realities: the Child Era, where Link returns to his original time, and the Adult Era, where the Hero of Time disappears and Ganondorf is free to return unopposed"

    This is a Timeline explaining what happens
    and the order of how it happens
    The Legend of The Goddesses and the Hero
    Creation | The Creation of the Land and Sky
    Era of the Goddess Hylia | Skyward Sword

    The Ancient Battle and the
    Reincarnation of the
    Goddess Hylia

    Sky Era | A Return to the Surface

    Era of Chaos | The Sacred Realm is Sealed
    Era of Prosperity | The Establishment of Hyrule Kingdom
    Force Era| The Minish Cap

    The Rise of the Evil Vaati
    Four Swords
    The Resurrection
    Of Vaati
    Era of the Hero of Time | Hyrulean Civil War
    (Child Era/Adult Era)-----------------------------

    Ocarina of Time
    The Sacred Realm becomes the Dark World
    Ganondorf becomes Demon King
    The Hero is Defeated
    The Decline of Hyrule
    And the Last Hero

    The Imprisoning War
    Era of Light And Dark|
    A Link to the Past
    The Resurrection of Ganon
    Oracle of Ages and
    Oracle of Seasons
    The Resurrection of Ganon
    Golden Era | Link's Awakening
    |The Monarchs of Hyrule use the Triforce
    Era of Decline | The Tragedy of Princess Zelda I
    The Legend of Zelda
    The Resurrection of Ganon
    The Adventure of Link
    The Resurrection of Ganon
    Is Prevented

    The Hero is Triumphant
    Child Era~The Twilight Realm and
    And the Last The Legacy of the Hero

    (The Sacred Realm remains Protected)
    Majora's Mask
    The Demon Thief Ganondorf, Is Executed
    Twilight Era | Twilight Princess
    The Shadow Invasion
    Shadow Era | Four Swords Adventures
    The Reincarnation of Ganondorf

    The Resurrection of Vaati

    Adult Era~The Hero of
    Winds and a New World

    (Ganondorf is Sealed)
    Ganondorf is Resurrected
    Era without a Hero | Hyrule is Sealed and then Flooded
    Era of the Great Sea | The Wind Waker
    Ganondorf is Resurrected
    Phantom Hourglass
    Era of the Great Voyage|
    New Continent Discovered A New Hyrule Kingdom is Founded

    Era of Hyrule's Rebirth |Spirit Tracks
    Demon King Malladus is Resurrected

    Near the End of Ocarina of Time it depends what happens to Link in the battle with Ganondorf. If Link is defeated then "The Decline of Hyrule and the Last Hero" Timeline will happen. If Link Does Defeat Ganondorf then it depends on what Link does after the Battle. If Link puts the Master Sword to rest he enters the "Child Era". If he stays a adult he enters the "Adult Era" and the events will follow as listed. That is why there are 3 Different Timelines

    Now Right after "The Adventure of Link" is where Breath of the Wild could possibly take place. I didn't put it in there because it isn't officially approved by Nintendo but there is strong evidence on why Breath of the Wild should be listed here. But of course it could be anywhere on the timeline since it's not proven yet and there is strong evidence in each timeline for where it should be. So as for now until Nintendo announces it, I'll leave Breath of the Wild out.
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  2. Kakea

    Kakea Survivor Towns Folk

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    I just saw this!!! And it seems perfect! I assumed that it would be placed before Ovarian Of Time, coinciding with the war that suppose took place before the events of that game! But this makes more sense: If Gabon couldn't find a vessel in this timeline, it makes sense that calamity Gannon would exist! It also falls in line with the previous game's style! In which the player wanders Hyrule and figures out what to do by themselves (BOTW was kinda like that, though there WAS alot of talking/hints to help too...) The seems very logical like this, I'd be surprise if Nintendo doesn't say this themselves whenever the new Historia comes out!
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