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Splatoon 2 Weapons and Updates Thread: Sploosh-o-Matic releasing 8/4

Discussion in 'Splatoon' started by Samuel_1802, Aug 4, 2017.

  1. Samuel_1802

    Samuel_1802 Nintendo Mobile Game Junkie Hardcore Casual

    Play Coins:
    604 coins
    I've been thinking about making this thread for a little while. I thought it'd be better to have everything in one place instead of starting a a thread every time something new is announced since new weapons and updates will be pushed consistently for at least a year. So far it seems we'll be getting a new weapon every week.

    Here's everything released so far. I'll add any future updates in their individual posts.

    New Weapons:

    Inkbrush (available from 7/22)
    Unlock Level: 5
    Price: [​IMG] 2,600
    Special Weapon: Splashdown [​IMG]
    Sub Weapon: Splat Bomb [​IMG]
    An extremely mobile roller brush-type weapon. It's good at laying down ink, however its extremely short range hinders it in combat. It's better suited for sneak attacks rather than attacking head on.

    Dualie Squelchers (available from 7/28)
    Unlock Level: 12
    Price: [​IMG] 9,800
    Special Weapon: Tenta Missiles [​IMG]
    Sub Weapon: Point Sensor [​IMG]
    A long range set of Dualies. It provides good support thanks to being decent at inking the ground and pinpointing enemies with Point Sensor and Tenta Misiles. It has a reduced fire rate and dodge roll speed though.

    Sploosh-o-Matic (available from 8/4)
    Unlock Level: 10
    Price: [​IMG] 9,700
    Special Weapon: Splashdown [​IMG]
    Sub Weapon: Curling Bomb [​IMG]
    An extremely short range shooter-type weapon. It has a very fast fire rate and good damage output. It's great at close quarters combat and destroying objects such as Sprinklers, Splash Walls and the Rainmaker's shield. You have to watch out for other shooters though, as this one has the shortest range of all (even shorter than Aerospray).
    New Maps:
    Shifty Station (available during Splatfests)
    A special map that appears only during Splatfests. This mysterious battleground changes its layout for every Splatfest so you never know how it'll be like during the next event!


    Version 1.1.2 (7/26)
    • Fixed an error that made gear in SplatNet appear with unintended main abilities. Any gear purchased has had its main ability changed so it matches the shops in Inkopolis Square.
    • Fixed a problem when displaying League Battles "Previous Records"
    • Points needed to activate special adjusted for certain weapons
      • Splat Dualies 180 > 170
      • Hero Dualie Replica 180 > 170
      • Enperry Splat Dualies 180 > 170
      • Tentatek Splattershot 190 > 210
      • N-Zap '85 180 > 200
      • .96 Gal 180 > 210
      • Slosher 180 > 190
      • Hero Sl0sher Replica 180 > 190
      • Tri-Slosher 180 > 210
      • Mini Splatling 180 > 190
    Last edited: Aug 5, 2017
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  2. Samuel_1802

    Samuel_1802 Nintendo Mobile Game Junkie Hardcore Casual

    Play Coins:
    604 coins
    Results for the American Splatfest are in. And the winner is...

    Team Mayo! (Boo!)
    They barely made it by getting more wins from battles.

    Head over to Inkopolis Square to get as many as 21 (Ketchup King/Queen) or 24 (Mayo King/Queen) Super Sea Snails. They can be used to upgrade your gear by adding extra ability slots (max 3).
    Last edited: Aug 6, 2017
  3. Samuel_1802

    Samuel_1802 Nintendo Mobile Game Junkie Hardcore Casual

    Play Coins:
    604 coins
    Results for the European Splatfest are in...

    Team Mayo wins there as well!

    Mayo also won in Japan, which means that it reigns over the entire world :(

    You can go collect your Super Sea Snails now.
  4. Samuel_1802

    Samuel_1802 Nintendo Mobile Game Junkie Hardcore Casual

    Play Coins:
    604 coins
    Keep an eye out on the Splatnet 2 app if you want some clothes for this season, Annie will be stocking special summer themed gear!
  5. Marc

    Marc Chocolate milk :3 Forum Management

    Play Coins:
    5,259 coins
    A new umbrella-type weapon is coming to Splatoon 2 :


    Name: Splat Brella​

    You can see it in action here :

    I really love the idea.
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  6. Samuel_1802

    Samuel_1802 Nintendo Mobile Game Junkie Hardcore Casual

    Play Coins:
    604 coins
    Thanks for posting for me Marc! I'm on a trip at the moment and didn't have Internet for a couple days... Can't keep this going with my phone's limited data plan :confused:

    Splat Brella (available from 8/11)
    Unlock Level: 9
    Special Weapon: Ink Storm[​IMG]
    Sub Weapon: Sprinkler[​IMG]
    Price: [​IMG] 8,300
    An entirely new weapon type to Splatoon! Despite its looks, the Splat Brella is a shotgun-like weapon, shooting ink in a straight line. If you hold down the shoot button, the Brella will open, functioning as a shield for a short time. After that it separates from the base, leaving an ink trail behind. I wonder how this new weapon will affect the metagame...

    Also, its variant, the Hero Splat Brella Replica is available as well! It's unlocked at the same level and shares the same Sub and Special weapons. It costs [​IMG] 9,000