What is your opinion about squid partying?

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I think squid partying is when people stop playing the objective of a match to mess around in the game until the match ends. So you'll have players dancing around in squid/inkling forms, people throwing a football in a circle (if playing clam blitz), people standing in an ordered line jumping one after the other, etc.

What's your opinion of people stopping the objective just to squid party?

Do you enjoy it or do you find it annoying? :eyes:
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I think squid parties are fine. Unless its in ranked. I wouldn't want to lose a ranked match because all of my teammates were squid flopping around or playing hot potato with the football in clam blitz. However, I do think they are a lot of fun, and I will squid party as long as everyone else is okay with it. If other people don't party, i wont either, as I don't want to be reported or ruin matches for people who want to just play the game.
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Hate it, form your own private party for that. I have limited time right now for when I can actually play with my friends and I don't want it wasted cause random players are actually not playing the game. I always report players who do.
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Only ok if it doesn’t affect the gameplay. Team wipe, go ahead and celebrate. Ten seconds left and there is absolutely no way to win? Fine. Don’t be a player who is playing, but isn’t actually playing. We would rather you disconnect from inactivity than flail around and be useless when you are needed.
I think it's alright to party in a few turf war matches, But that's kinda it. It just gets repetitive after that. Seeming as Turf war doesn't affect rank, It's not really a major issue. I'm not really the one to join in/initiate it, though. PB works as well, If you plan on doing it for a while. It should not be done in league or solo queue though, Because it can overthrow the entire match. I'm not that keen on the concept itself, But I'm not totally against it either. :eyes2:
I’m fine with it as long as it stays in Turf War, but if you mess up my Ranked Battle because you’re squid bagging, you’d better watch out. :eyes2: I see no reason why to do it at all, unless you’re celebrating your easy win with 0:02 seconds on the clock. If you’re doing it just to make people derank, then you’re not a squid, you’re a scumbag.
Squid partying is really fun. It happens randomly and you can just sorta chill for the remaining minutes. But it gets annoying when suddenly they start to kill all of you. Pure betrayal. And also squid partying can be a bit annoying when i;m literally one game away from a freshness bonus. And it's definitely a no in ranked. You never know, someone could have 3 cracks and be one crack away from ranking down. So it's best to never squidparty in ranked.
I feel squid partying is good when the regular battle is full with friends only or like private battles. I tend to take my turf wars on a serious enough regard to play it normally. And i find squid partying to be abit boring. Especially when it's with randoms with no voicechat. I also mainly use turf wars to get certain abilities on my gear after i eat some food from crusty sean. Squid Partying isn't my thing but I'm not gonna bash someone for doing it. I can easily just leave as soon as the match ends and let them be.
If you want to play the game against randoms yes. If you want to have a good time with your friends no. There are several instances I've had with games like Smash 3DS where that's all it was. At least Smash 3DS has For Fun, which I really wish had better response times. Other than that it does seem odd to decide to not play a game and have that "VR" experience, then again if you aren't good at the game or don't try that's where you end up. Weenie Hut Jr's
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Parties are tons of fun with friends! Reminds me of the good old Mario Kart fun rooms where it was less serious and more about messing around, doing glitches, using weird karts and just generally exploring the tracks with your friends.