Garden of Reincarnation Completion Guide – Atelier Ryza 2

Published on January 26th, 2021 by Gervais D.

The Garden of Reincarnation map might be one of the first navigational challenges you’ll have to overcome in Atelier Ryza 2: Lost Legends & the Secret Fairy. There’s a dead-end that might cause you to scratch your head and waste a couple of minutes searching the area to find a way to proceed. This guide will help you save some of that time.

Crossing The Fallen Bridge

This part is mostly straightforward. Just keep advancing until you find a treasure chest. The treasure chest will give you an Emerald Band (needs to be equipped via Items), which can be used to swing across large gaps (eg. the fallen bridge).

The Emerald Band can also be crafted in a higher quality that lets you use green rope instead of (only) blue; however, this will not be required for the Garden of Reincarnation.

Reaching the Real Dead End

There’s a part of the Garden of Reincarnation map where you absolutely won’t be able to proceed further. You’ll have to backtrack or fast travel to the Memorial Garden map. You’ll now be able to cross a fallen bridge that you couldn’t before. Enter the new area and open the treasure chest.

Completing the Exploration Diary

The most difficult part should now be over. Just finish off the Ruin challenge and you should be good. Collecting all of the memories from the first two areas should let you complete the Cemetry Bell Exploration Diary entry to receive the Living Bell Fragment recipe. Return to your house and craft this new Bell, then go back to the center of the Bell Ringer’s Path map to trigger the cutscene.

Return to the Dead End at Garden of Reincarnation

Now that you’ve rung the bell, you should no longer be blocked by the dead-end. Continue searching for the remaining memories in the Garden of Reincarnation to complete its Exploration Dairy entry.

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