How To Get Best Buy’s Exclusive Spotpass Animal Crossing: New Leaf Items Without Going to Best Buy

Published on June 19th, 2013 by Gervais D.

Last week, I mentioned that 3DS owners with Animal Crossing: New Leaf can visit a Nintendo Zone location at a participating Best Buy store to download exclusive in-game items for free. These items are; the Raccoon Wall Clock, Cat Tower, Suitcase, and Double Neck Guitar.

List of items that can be downloaded (and times) :

  • Raccoon Wall Clock (June 16th to June 29th, 2013)
  • Cat Tower (June 30th to July 13th, 2013)
  • Suitcase (July 14th to July 27th, 2013)
  • Double Neck Guitar (July 28th to August 10th, 2013)

Best Buy exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf DLC
( Photo showing four of Best Buy’s exclusive Animal Crossing: New Leaf items )

There is an alternative method to collect these items, and it involves not visiting a Best Buy store. That’s good for the players who are busy on the download dates.

How to get Best Buy’s Animal Crossing: New Leaf DLC without going to Best Buy

Step 1 : You must change your router’s SSID to “Bestbuy”. It’s case sensitive, so make sure that you enter it exactly how you see it without the quotation marks, and with the capital “B”. Tethering on a cell phone also works.

Step 2 : Check your 3DS Wi-Fi settings and make sure that you can connect to your router.

Step 3 : A notice should appear on your 3DS home screen letting you know that your 3DS has been connected to a Nintendo Zone. Note: You do not have to launch the Nintendo Zone app on your 3DS.

Step 4 : After, load Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Once you’re in the game, go to the Post Office and talk to Pelly. She should search for the gift (downloadable content) over the Internet and you will download and receive it.

Remember to take note of the dates that the downloadable content will be available. I do not think time traveling in Animal Crossing: New Leaf will speed things up.

Source : Tiny Cartridge

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