How To Get Bottle Caps Fast in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Published on May 2nd, 2017 by Gervais D.

Bottle caps are needed for hyper training in Pokemon Sun/Moon. Hyper training allows you to increase a Pokemon stat’s IVs to 31 at level 100, making them extremely crucial for getting perfect IV legendary Pokemon in the games. This guide helps you get bottle caps easier and faster than hunting for shards in Poke Pelago, which could take months to get.

How To Get Bottle Caps Fast in Pokemon Sun and Moon

  1. Use Charizard to bring up the Poni Island map.
  2. Fly to Seafolk Village (the one with the Pokemon Center).
  3. Find the Steelix boat by moving down-right and enter it.
  4. Go through the other exit and you should find water and a rippling spot.
  5. Use your fishing rod on the rippling spot.
  6. If you do not get a bottle cap, go back through the door for the rippling spot to respawn.
  7. Go back to the rippling spot and use the fishing rod again.

Getting bottle cap at Steelix boat in Pokemon Sun/Moon

Repeat this method to farm bottle caps for hyper training. There is a 10% chance of getting a bottle cap for fishing in this area. Other items I obtained while fishing were pearls and sticky barbs. Avoid wild Pokemon encounters, obviously.

Shoutout to Bobcam7! from the NintenPedia forum for sharing this method with me.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to farm bottle caps or hunt for them from Poke Pelago, you can use Play Coins at the NintenPedia forum (our forum’s currency) to purchase bottle caps from other members via trade thread or a shop.

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