Where To Get A Nintendo Switch For Under $300 US Online

Published on November 27th, 2017 by Gervais D.

The Nintendo Switch is normally sold for $300 US in the United States. Third-party sellers buy the console in bulk and sell them for a bit higher than their retail value. Keep reading if you are searching to buy Nintendo’s latest console for under $300 US.

As of typing this, Amazon is selling used consoles for $239.99 US :

Buy a cheap Nintendo Switch online

It’s a pretty good deal for people who want a Nintendo Switch but are not willing to pay full price for it. The deal might only last while stock lasts or until the week ends, therefore you must order the console right away if you want to book one of these deals for yourself.

The reason why the Nintendo Switch is so cheap through Amazon is because its condition is marked as “used”. The console is stored and packaged by Amazon, therefore it is most likely in top-notch condition. To make the deal even sweeter, free shipping is included with each purchase.

You can sign up at the NintenPedia forum to stay up to date with the latest Nintendo deals.

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