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Published on September 18th, 2014 by Eric Weichhart


New details have been announced about the upcoming Wii U eShop game GravBlocks+, from Nothing Game Studios, which is an enhanced version of the Android game GravBlocks.

The developers are promising a “truly original match-three puzzle experience”, aiming to make a balanced experience for casual players and the core ones. The game will offer both traditional button and touch-screen controls.

Instead of the usual gameplay mechanic on another match-three puzzles games, the core gameplay will be based on changing the gravity. Using “Gravity Blocks”, the players will be able to change the gravitational orientation of the gameplay arena in order to increase the score’s multiplier, completing certain task and solving puzzles. This won’t be easy and the walls also host a big danger: the Destruction Hazards. They will nullify any score’s multiplier if one of the blocks fall into them, where the player will need to plan carefully to change gravity after activating Wild Blocks, those will temporarily close those dangerous hazards.

The game contains five different modes:

  • Challenge Mode: It’s the classic falling-block style mode. Unlike the Android version, this mode has been revamped allowing a smoother and faster gameplay, featuring a more exciting level progression. The number of Destruction Hazards, block types, difficulty and the speed will raise allowing longer sessions more engaging. It also features local and online leadboards, adding a lot of replay value.
  • Zen Mode: It’s a relaxing version of Challenge Mode, where the difficulty never increases. They’re 30 different levels to choose from, and also both leadboards are available in this mode.
  • Destruction Mode: The reversal version of Challenge Mode: instead or earning points, the player needs to clear the stage of blocks the faster they can (this includes using Destruction Hazards to destroy them).
  • Puzzle Mode: Unlike the other modes, here you will need to complete certain challenges where a thoughtful planning is required to clean all the blocks from the screen within a set number of modes. The Wii U mode receives 50 exclusive additional levels, doing a total of 150.
  • Story Mode: Exclusive for the Wii U version, here the player will be abducted by alien jerks being challenged with moving through levels by solving a series of task. This features a total of 90 levels with a puzzle mayhem challenge that need reflexes and attention.

GravBlocks+ also have more surprises for the Wii U users, including over a dozen of unlockables, a better menu system, new block and background graphics, new audio, 80 accomplishments (needed for unlocking in-game graphics) and the famous Off-TV feature of the Gamepad.

You can visit the official game’s site here, and below there’s a gallery with screenshots from the game:

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