[Guide] How To Complete “Act of Woe: The Gate” Puzzle in Monark

Published on February 22nd, 2022 by Gervais D.

One of the toughest quests in Monark wants you to find a sign only the worthy can see to get to the Otherworld. This guide will help you find that sign to get to the gate.

To-Do List: Act of Woe: The Gate (Final Act Tab)
Description: Find the sign leading to the gate.

Where To Find The Sign Leading To The Gate in Monark

  1. Go to the TSC room in the Main Building.
  2. Press X to open up the game’s menu.
  3. You should see some symbols at the top (if you do not, select the Call option). These are keypad numbers/symbols unique to each copy of the game.
  4. Use the cheatsheet below to match the numbers/symbols to their respective values.
  5. Open Call and type the numbers/symbols you see to go to the Otherworld.

Cheat Sheet:

Act of Woe: The Gate Puzzle Cheat Sheet in Monark
Cheat sheet for the Act of Woe: The Gate puzzle.

The symbols you see in the game are really numbers, pound signs, and asterisks when looking at them from certain angles. You can either use the cheat sheet above or try to figure it out yourself by knowing this.

My copy of the game gave me the numbers/symbols: 60#4*74448. This number is only associated with my copy of the game. It will not work with your game because each is unique.

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