Hands On! Tangrams DSi Review

Published on December 7th, 2013 by Eric Weichhart


No extra hands…

Hands On! Tangrams 3DS Gameplay
Are you ready? On!


A tangram is a seven piece puzzle that forms an object if it’s placed correctly. This game consists of ten themes with ten different puzzles with each one being a total of 100 puzzles. The result will appear in the top screen with a very childlike drawing.

The controls of the game are simple, you move the pieces with the stylus, rotate them with the “L” or “R” button and flip them with the D-pad. This can be a little annoying because you need to hold the stylus to play but don’t worry, it doesn’t break the controls at all because you only need to touch the piece first to make it rotate or flip.

You’re also able to play every level again but once you know the solution, the replay value is extremely low, so you will be playing the levels again if you want to get the gold medal in every level.

Hands On! Tangrams Gameplay
Oppa Tangram Style!
(old joke, already used ¬¬)


The graphics of the game have a big childlike-cartoon style with a little two-image animation when you finish the tangram. The design is clean and cute, and it’s obvious that the game is focusing on a younger audience. Besides that, the game looks friendly with good image quality.

In the soundtrack apart, there’s a music per theme that will repeat and repeat, in other words, a song every 10 puzzles. It can be annoying for some people if they need a lot of time to finish each puzzle.

With that, I should say it’s okay in overall.


The game’s presentation is really well made, it’s easy to move around the menu and it’s well explained for those who do not know the genre. Sadly, the game lacks of originality with the themes design.

Hands On! Tangrams

VERDICT: 65/100 (Nice)
It’s fun to resolve the puzzles meanwhile it lasts but with the lack of replay value, it’s a short game experience.

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