How To Beat Chompy (Man-Eating Plant) in Kitaria Fables

Published on September 5th, 2021 by Gervais D.

Chompy may be the strongest optional enemy you’ll fight before the final battle in Kitaria Fables. This guide will give you the information you’ll need to defeat Chompy (a man-eating power plant).

How To Beat Chompy (Man-Eating Plant) in Kitaria Fables

Don’t think about facing Chompy without one of the strongest armor in the game. You’ll need to craft the best magic defense armor, Sniper Suit, from the blacksmith at Rivero Fortress. If you crafted the best physical armor, you may want to consider equipping the Flower Crown for +10 Poison Resistance and the +25 additional Magic Defense.

Once you’re equipped with these pieces of gear, you should be set. Use an all-out attack to cut down more than half of its HP in the first several seconds of the fight. Then slash or shoot (with the bow) as much as you can to recover mana. Once your mana has recovered, use your best skills (physical or magical) to defeat it. Heal if necessary, but you’ll need items that heal over 60 HP to survive.

It may also be possible to defeat Chompy without the above; however, you’ll still need top-tier skills to take this plant down. Leave some of the wandering enemies in the area alive. Head up to Chompy and perform your all-out attack to get its HP down as much as you can. Retreat and fight small fry enemies to recover some of your mana. Head back to Chompy when you’ve recovered enough and perform another all-out attack. This may not work as expected because you can take a hit when executing your top-tier skills.

Reward for defeating Chompy

Defeating Chompy will reward you with the Fairy Wings accessory.

Item Name: Fairy Wings
Category: Accessory

Perks of the Fairy Wings:

  • Stun Resistance: +20
  • Frozen Resistance: +20
  • Burn Resistance: +20
  • Poison Resistance: +20
  • Slow Resistance: +20
  • Movement Speed: +10%

The Fairy Wings is one of the best items in the game. It offers all resistances and increased movement speed. It’s worth considering replacing the Evil Bone Wings (+10 HP restored per target hit) accessory with it. All other accessories in the game fail to compare to these superior perks.

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