How To Beat Giant Tentacle (Boss) in Empire Of Angels IV

Published on September 18th, 2021 by Gervais D.

The majority of battles in Empire Of Angels IV aren’t difficult, but the Giant Tentacle (Boss) will provide a decent challenge. This is because of its infinite range attack that hits hard. Depending on the character classes you use against this terrifying foe, you’ll be set at a major disadvantage. It can be beaten by tanking hits, healing, and dealing back sufficient damage.

Giant Tentacle (Boss) in Empire Of Angels IV
Giant Tentacle in Empire Of Angels IV.

This guide will help you defeat the Giant Tentacle boss in Empire Of Angels IV.

Best Classes To Use Against The Giant Tentacle (Boss)

  • Summoner
  • Cannoneer
  • Healer; Paragon and/or Exorcist
  • Beserker

The Summoner class will be the best class to fight Giant Tentacle. The Fireball+ skill does the most damage (200-650 HP) to any of the tentacles. The Cannoneer class user comes in a close second because of their Human Cannonball skill, which does a massive 400-600 HP damage and can recharge their MP with the Energy Charge skill. The Berserker class lacks range, but is useful with their regular attack because it shaves a little over 200 HP from a tentacle.

Mages are decently useful but fail in comparison to the Summoner class when fighting this octopus. Paladin, Pegasus Knight, and Dancer classes are mostly useless. I haven’t had the opportunity to test out Dragoon and Thief, but I don’t feel they’ll be any better than the Pegasus Knight or Paladin classes.

You’ll need at least two healers; one to heal multiple party members on each side. I split my group into two squads. My strongest squad would weaken the left tentacle first and the second would approach the right tentacle. I had to make sure the squad to the right weren’t grouped close to each other, in case multiple of the tentacles used their infinite range attack repeatedly against them.

Defeating one tentacle gives you a slight advantage because it’s easier to heal your party members in bulk. If one of your healers retreat, you’ll have the other. Tank attacks, heal, and defeat the tentacles one by one. You should eventually defeat Giant Tentacle and be able to proceed with the story quests.

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