How To Beat Roy’s The Young Lion Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage

Published on January 31st, 2023 by Gervais D.

This guide will teach you how to beat The Young Lion paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage. This paralogue is for the Emblem Roy and it’s based on the Hard difficulty with Permadeath enabled.

How To Beat The Young Lion Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage

The troublesome part of The Young Lion paralogue is the Wyvern Knight reinforcements. They may swoop in at several points during the stage. It’s essential to keep your units grouped together if they outnumber anyone left behind. Try to keep any sniper class units a little behind instead of leading with them toward Roy. A dancer class to help get a bonus turn helps lessen their numbers. A General with high HP and DEF is also helpful on this stage.

The best way to win this paralogue is to lure in the enemies and advance. At the start of the stage, I didn’t move any of my units. Instead, I let the enemies rush to me. When they came, I quickly defeated as many as I could and advanced my units. Louise, my tank of a General, lured in Wyvern Knights, Archers/Snipers, and Armored Enemies. They couldn’t damage him but he could defeat most within 2-3 turns.

So basically:

  • Lure enemies to you with a high HP & DEF General-class unit.
  • Keep your sniper(s) behind with a dancer class.
  • Advance your main units to Roy.
  • Be wary of Wyvern Knight reinforcements every now and again in corners of the stage.

Getting closer to Roy will lure him out. His backup may not accompany him unless you go within their range. So this is one of the easier stages to get an emblem to come alone and defeat him (assuming you first defeated all/most of the enemy units along the way). If you do decide to defeat his backup crew, there is an item drop reward of 1,000 gold.

If you can’t hit Roy when approaching him, you should leave a weapon with a range of 2 blocks equipped. Roy only has sword-based weapons, but one is capable of hitting within a 2-block range. He has three lives, so you may want to group up and unleash all of your attacks to end things in a single turn. If you can’t, there’s no harm in waiting or falling back until most of your units can attack and finish him in a single turn.

His Blazing Lion attack doesn’t hit too hard. If you set up Ike’s Great Aether attack, you can instantly get rid of the flames from Roy’s special skill when the enemy’s turn ends. The bonus is that you can take out a huge chunk of his HP this way and recover yours. This would make it easier to hit him with everything you have and end the stage in the next turn. Just be wary that he can endure a fatal blow at 1 HP.

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