How To Beat The Azure Twin Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage

Published on February 3rd, 2023 by Gervais D.

The Azure Twin paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage is all about defense (this stage was played on Hard difficulty with Permadeath ON). This paralogue stars Emblem Eirika. I was hoping to see two bosses (Eirika and Ephraim), but Ephraim isn’t anywhere to be found on this stage. This guide will help you defeat Eirika and clear The Azure Twin paralogue.

How To Beat The Azure Twin Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage

As I said before, this stage is about defense. But there are two thief-class enemies that steal valuables from chests. The right side has the better item, so if you can only recover one, aim for that section.

There are a lot of enemies at the beginning of the stage. I lined up my units and waited on the first turn. The enemy units got closer on their turn and I could reach and defeat some of them. This gave me better map coverage and I started to advance my units. Some went to the right while others went to the left side.

Some key units to have that guided me to victory:

  • Swordsman-class unit with Lyn’s emblem – high dodge to avoid enemy attacks and Lyn’s Astra Storm.
  • Corrin Emblem – Dragon Vien to summon a fog for a better dodge rate and Torrential Roar to cripple Eirika’s bodyguards when confronting her at the end.
  • Seadall – his dance comes in handy for the extra move.
  • General-class unit – I use Louis & Sigurd for high HP+DEF to tank attacks and better movement for Louis. Just try to keep him away from Eirika’s two magic-wielding backliners.

Fire Emblem Engage Fog

Reinforcements come from the sides but they aren’t many in number and are manageable. Your units on the left and right sides should be able to take them out if they have been split evenly. Eirika uses a wind-based magic sword, so be careful not to let your armored units die.

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