How To Beat The Holy Knight Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage

Published on February 2nd, 2023 by Gervais D.

The Holy Knight paralogue was yet another stage of Fire Emblem Engage that gave me trouble clearing. I played on the Hard difficulty with Permadeath turned ON, so I didn’t want any of my units to die. If you need help clearing this paralogue, this guide has some information and tips on how I managed to defeat Sigurd.

How To Beat Sigurd’s The Holy Knight Paralogue in Fire Emblem Engage

Defeat The Mini Bosses To The Bottom-Left

You may think the mini boss guarding the bridge should be a primary target, but they are not. The strongest enemies you will face (or at least were trouble for me) are the two Sage-class mini bosses at the bottom-left of the map. One has three lives and the other has two. The one with the most lives packs the hardest punch. You either need to OHKO them or tank their attack with a flying knight unit (untested by me).

I used my units to defeat the 2 life Sage first. My Corrin user then attacked the 3 life Sage with Torrential Roar to stop their movement. I then used Rescue (staff) to teleport my Corrin unit to safety. With the 3 life Sage’s movement trapped, I was able to shave off all of their lives and eventually defeat them.

Take Control Of The Bridge

After defeating the enemies at the bottom of the map, it’s now time to take control of the bridge. Move your units north and defeat the three enemies waiting for you. Make sure all of your units are near the bridge but not too close so that the army of Sigurd’s reinforcements can reach you within 2 turns. As soon as you defeat the mini boss Sage that controls the bridge, Sigurd will begin to move, so be careful not to let your units idle far. Also make sure to use the blue special attack recover blocks for units that have used up their specials.

Lure Sigurd Out and Defeat Him

Sigurd leaves his large number of allies and heads straight for you. If you go within his range of movement, you can lure him out while all of his allies are far away. His high movement advantage becomes a disadvantage in this scenario. He’s likely to use his special attack if you group up multiple units. But after his first attack, it’s easy to defeat him if your offensive units are nearby like they should be.

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