How To Beat The Volcano Sisters Duo in Cris Tales

Published on August 9th, 2021 by Gervais D.

One of the toughest battles you may encounter in Cris Tales is the second time you have to face off against the Volcano Sisters without your past/future power. Fending off their hard-hitting attacks and defeating them is manageable on paper; however, it changes when one of the sisters begins to heal themselves on the verge of death. When that happens, the battle will drag on and your items will be depleted.

If you need help setting up your party to defeat these sisters, this guide aims to help with that.

How To Beat The Volcano Sisters Duo in Cris Tales

Both sisters have 1074 HP each and are weak to water element attacks. You should avoid using fire skills on them so that you never miss a turn, especially when each turn counts. If you’re using the Heavy Boots on any of your characters, unequip them immediately. You’ll need the best speed stats on your party members. If Crisbell has the skill (Celeritas) that boosts a party member’s speed stat for 3 turns, that’s better. Paired with Crisbell’s Regression skill to undo a sister’s healing from the previous turn, you can stand a chance against the duo.

Cristopher would have been an essential party member to use for this battle; however, he isn’t usable this time around. Zas would be your next best bet, so you should carry her. Choose her Magic Roulette skill and mash A on the water option to inflict the most damage. You should already have an item that inflicts poison with regular attacks, so JKR-721 is generally preferred over Willhelm. The downside to having JKR-721 is that he can backfire and damage your entire party, so it’s up to preference.

Most of the sisters’ attacks can be easily blocked. Pay attention and block them to avoid critical damage. Regardless of whether you defeat one of them or leave both alive, the shield sister will try to heal herself frequently. It’s important to defeat one during the match so they can’t use their powerful duo combo. And defeating the shield sister does seem like an attractive option, but don’t be fooled. Defeat the offensive sister on the left before you aim your metal at the shield one on the right. Defeating the shield sister first will trigger the Rage status on the other, and coupled with her higher attack stat, she will brutally tear apart your party.

If you somehow get lucky and the sisters do not split up early during the match, they’ll both have significantly lower HP when they do. That is if you’ve been hitting them hard throughout the battle during their pair formation. Keep healing your party and attacking them head-on, while deflecting as many hits as possible to become victorious in battle. If you’re still struggling with the sisters, you may be under level (recommended level is 20+) or need to buy better items from the Cinder Shop.

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