How To Complete A Rising Tide – Long Overdue Quest in Cris Tales

Published on August 11th, 2021 by Gervais D.

If you’re having trouble completing the A Rising Tide – A Long Overdue quest in Cris Tales, follow the instructions in this guide to finish it.

Quest details: A Rising Tide – Long Overdue

“Fira seems rather preoccupied with the lava like near the city. Perhaps you could help her?
Obtain a set of Cinderian tools.”

How To Complete “A Rising Tide – Long Overdue” Quest in Cris Tales

Go to the Shop in Cinder (lava city) and purchase the Set of Cinderian Tools for 5,000 Marbles. Afterward, go to Takna and give her the tools. She can be found to the north of the city’s entrance. She should give you 2 more missions to retrieve materials.

Go back to the castle located to the east inside of the city. You’ll find Lau there (furthest one to the right of the group of characters). Talk to her and she should give you one of the required items. Then go to the entrance of the city and talk to the old lady (Ms Firaga) you met on your first arrival. It’s easy to miss her because the younger Fira blocks her. She’ll give you the last of the items.

Go back north to Takna and interact with her. Now go to the machine and place the gear, console, and chain in that order, from left to right. If the game tells you they fit tightly in place, you got it correct. Return to Takna and interact with her once more. By then, you’ll have completed the quest and be rewarded with the Cinder Signet ring item (+5 HP, +10 DEF, and +5 Magic DEF).

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