How To 100% Complete The Lair of Shadows Map in The Legend of Legacy

Published on October 13th, 2015 by Gervais D.

If you have unlocked the Bottomless Pit map and you have gotten as far as the Lair of Shadows area, you may be wondering how to 100% complete the map when the entire area is engulfed in poor visibility (the shadow-like darkness that makes it difficult to navigate).

There are two monuments you must let the fire shard near to. This will light up the area, get rid of the poor visibility and allow you to see the map on the bottom screen of your 3DS to complete it (you can only clear the area you pass by after getting rid of the poor visibility).

How To 100% Complete The Lair of Shadows Map in The Legend of Legacy

After entering the Bottomless Pit, use the highlighted exit on the map below (Bottomless Pit B1) to go to the Bottomless Pit B2. From Bottomless Pit B2, go to the ‘Lower Stratum’ map by using the only exit, then go to the Lair of Shadows.

Bottomless Pit B1 in The Legend of Legacy

When you enter the Lair of Shadows, darkness should surround the area and you should see note on the 3DS’s lower screen with the text ‘poor visibility’.

Use the map below (it’s my 100% completed version of the map) to help you navigate by using the red guidance lines. They should lead you to two monuments that react to the fire shard. You must examine both by pressing the “A” button next to them and the fire shard should activate. Once you have examined both, the poor visibility should go away and you should be able to see the map on the lower screen of your 3DS to complete it.

Lair of Shadows in The Legend of Legacy

It is recommended to save regularly when moving through the shadows because you wouldn’t want to start over from ‘Bottomless Pit B1’ every time your party is defeated or you run away from enemies.

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