How To Delete A Friend Code On The Nintendo 3DS

Published on June 14th, 2013 by Gervais D.

There might be a time you successfully added someone to your Nintendo 3DS friend list, while the person failed at registering your friend code. When time goes by, that person is just a waste of space on your friend list because you can not communicate with them. The best solution is to remove that person from your friend list and make room for another. This tutorial teaches you how to delete a friend code on the Nintendo 3DS.

How To Delete A Friend Code On The Nintendo 3DS

  1. Turn on the Nintendo 3DS.
  2. Tap on the smiley face icon located at the top of the 3DS touchscreen.
  3. From the bottom screen on the 3DS, find the card that says, “Friend List”.
  4. At the top of the touchscreen (bottom screen), tap Settings.
  5. Select Delete Friend Card.
  6. Select someone from your friend list to delete.

Nintendo 3DS Friend List Smiley Face Icon
( See what the smiley icon from the Nintendo 3DS home screen looks like )

Help! I can’t find “Settings” from Step 4

Don’t worry. There was a time I could not find it too. If you open your 3DS friend list and you’re not finding ‘Settings’ (from step 4), that means you are most likely looking at a Mii card. Scroll left until you view the smiley icon card and you should notice the ‘Settings’ option at the top-left corner of the console’s bottom screen.

Note: Be careful when deleting someone from your Nintendo 3DS friend list. It is recommended only to remove players who did not add your friend code unless you really want to remove the person from your friend list.

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