How To EV Train Fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Exploit)

Published on December 9th, 2019 by Gervais D.

EV training in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield can be a tedious task, especially since Horde Battling is no longer a mechanic. Thankfully, there is an exploit that makes EV training less of a pain in these games. The method involves Poke Jobs and fast-forwarding time to instantly EV train Pokemon.

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk. This can be patched in a future game update.

How To EV Train Fast in Pokemon Sword and Shield (Exploit)

Step 1: Put The Pokemon in Poke Jobs

Visit any Pokemon Center and use the Rotom PC. Select Poke Jobs from the list of options, scroll down to the list of seminars, pick one and choose the Pokemon you want to send to EV train via Poke Jobs.

Poke Job Seminars in Pokemon Sword and Shield
You can EV train in HP, ATK, DEF, SP ATK, SP DEF, and Speed.

The table below details how long Pokemon must be sent on a job to obtain EVs.

Length Hours EVs EVs: Power Item EVs: Pokerus EVs: Power Item & Pokerus
Just a little 1 hour 4 12 8 24
Very short 2 hours 8 24 16 48
Short 3 hours 12 36 24 72
Long 4 hours 16 48 32 96
Very Long 8 hours 32 96 64 192
Half Day 12 hours 48 144 96 252
Whole Day 24 hours 96 252 192 252

Power items can be purchased from a woman on the right-hand side of Hammerlocke’s Pokemon Center for 10 BP each. Pokerus is a rare virus and can be obtained from a trade. If you need a Pokemon infected with Pokerus, sign up at the Ninten Pedia forum and send a message to Marc.

Step 2: Go To The Wild Area

Exit the Pokemon Center and use a flying taxi to travel to the Wild Area (Town Map -> Click a location in the Wild Area). Find the closest Den and use a wishing piece to activate it (alternatively, you can travel until you find one but it’s faster/easier to use a wishing piece at the nearest one). The game will ask you to save your progress. After, interact with the Den and select ‘Invite Others’.

Press the home button on your controller to suspend the game and go to ‘System Settings’. Scroll down to ‘System’ and find ‘Date and Time’. Set ‘Synchronize Clock via Internet’ to OFF, if not done already, and a ‘Date and Time’ option should appear. Click it and set it to a day in the future.

Nintendo Switch Date and Time

Resume the game and there is a chance you will notice a weather change in the Wild Area. Cancel the Max Raid Den screen by pressing the quit option before the timer runs out and click on the Den again. If you get 2,000 W and a new Max Raid Pokemon, it’s working.

Step 3: Go Back To The Pokemon Center

Open the town map and use the flying taxi to travel back to a Pokemon Center. Enter the building and use the Rotom PC again. Check Poke Jobs and the pending jobs should be marked as completed. Select them to get your Pokemon back with the EVs they earned according to the table above.

EV training through Poke Jobs in Pokemon Sword and Shield
Tyranitar gets 252 HP EVs.

Revert any settings you changed and save your game. Continue following the steps from this guide whenever you need to quickly EV train Pokemon in the game.

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