How To Find Kiba Storage and Complete “Help Me, Hunter Boy” Quest in SMT4:Apocalypse

Published on September 20th, 2016 by Gervais D.

The “Help Me, Hunter Boy” quest is given to you by Maruo a while after finishing the National Park Farm Security quest in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse. This guide helps you reach Kiba Storage, the destination for the quest, as well as inform you how to defeat Mara.

Quest details :

Hey, it’s me! You know, Maruo! My base got taken over by Mara and we’re in trouble! Big trouble! He’s, like, sucking up people’s energy and getting pumped up! Listen, I don’t care what you do to me. Please, come to Kiba Storage in Joto and save the Maruologists! Hurrysdhg;ashdbg;thqp!

How to find Kiba Storage in Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse

If you do not have the Toyosu terminal unlocked, use any terminal to transport yourself to Kinshicho (your home town) and follow the directions in the screenshot below to leave the underground district.

Kinshicho Underground District - Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse

After, make your way out to the Tokyo map by following the directions below :

Kinshicho South Exit Shopping District
Description: Kinshicho Underground District

You should be at the Tokyo map now. Follow the red arrow in the screenshot below and you should eventually find Kiba Storage (the entering area disappears after completing the quest).

Kiba Storage - Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse

Make sure to save your game before entering because a powerful demon awaits (Mara).

How to defeat Mara

Mara is a level 75 demon of the Tyrant race in SMT4: Apocalypse.

Weaknesses :

Mara is weak to ice skills, has resistance against light and dark skills, and absorbs gun and electric skills. He mainly uses physical attacks and a magic repelling skill to avoid being attacked by ice skills (its weakness).

Mara uses the following skills :

  • Makarakarn (repels magic attacks for one turn)
  • Hell thrust (physical attack that lowers defense, random enemies)
  • Charge (next physical/gun skill power increases)
  • Critical Eye (next physical/gun attack will be critical hit)
  • Dance of Mara (inflicts charm on all enemies)
  • Dekunda (removes stat debuffs)

During my battle with it, I used skills such as Debilitate, Acid Breath, etc (any stat reducing skills will be effective, primarily defense lowering skills) and kept hitting it with Cold World, Bufudyne and/or Mabufudyne (heavy damaging ice skills).

It helps if your assist gauge is filled up when you enter battle.

The questions it asks you :

After damaging him a bit, he will tell you how you have no obligation to save the host and how you should just let him be. You will have three choices to choose from to reply to his question :

  • I want to save Maruo (you lose your actions for the turn)
  • I can’t let a demon run free (not sure)
  • Ignore Mara (your party accuracy increases)

Damaging him further will result in another question. This time he will tell you about seeing new things and asks if you want to go with it to an even more arousing land. Just like before, you will have choices to choose :

  • …I want to see new things! (you lose your actions for the turn)
  • I’ll pass
  • Keep fighting (you get an additional action)

After he asks you this question, it might be the final nail in the coffin since it is extremely weak at this point. Continue using heavy ice skills to finally finish it out once and for good.

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