How To Get All Letters of Recommendations in Atelier Firis DX

Published on June 11th, 2021 by Gervais D.

If you don’t want to waste time finding all the locations of the Licensed Alchemists in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey DX and just want to get their letters of recommendations, use this guide to find them quickly.

How To Get All Letters of Recommendations in Atelier Firis DX

Faave Hills – Dion

You’ll meet the first Licensed Alchemist at the Faave Hills in Atelier Firis DX. The route to get to Faave Hills is linear and the tasks to complete won’t be tough. Just make sure to visit Dion’s Atelier during the day because it’s locked at night. Dion can also be found at the opposite of the village on the left-hand side; this should trigger the cutscene when he leaves.

White Fog Forest – Aurelie

Aurelie is the next License Alchemist you’ll meet during your journey depending on the route you take. It’s easy to miss her village but if you do find her, she gives you simple tasks to complete to get the next letter of recommendation. To get to White Fog Forest, go east of Faave Hills then go south.

Flussheim – Ren

The last Licensed Alchemist in the area accessible to you during this part of the game is Ren. Ren can be found in Flussheim. You’ll have to handle all of the tasks given to you in this part of the game to move forward, and it’s quite a decent amount. After you’re done and move on to the next area, return to Flussheim, talk to Ren and make the item she requires. It’ll be a simple task for an easy letter of recommendation.

Weist Plain – Norbert

Weist Plain is one of the next areas you can get a letter of recommendation. If you’ve already received the first three letters, you don’t need to get the 4th or the 5th for the story. But if you wish to do so, you’ll have to get it from Norbert at the Weist Plain. From Shanty Street, go to Claudel Prairie (east). Then go south to find Weist Plain. It’s at the bottom-left corner of the ice village.

You’ll have to find Norbert upon entering the village. This means you’ll have to talk to various villagers (three) before triggering a cutscene. When you get to the location of his house, go to it and then return to his house as soon as you exit. You’ll be given some tasks. They’re a bit difficult but try your best to overcome the three challenges. Make sure to carry electric damaging items for the Puni task.

North Auoro Snowfield – Kirsche

Shanty Street -> Claudel Prairie -> Fatalia Summit -> Snow Auoro Snowfield -> North Auoro Snowfield

Finding Kirsche’s Atelier in North Auoro Snowfield shouldn’t be difficult. You may have to visit her Atelier, return to your own Atelier, and then visit her again to progress with her quest. The toughest item to get would be the special type of water to make the requested item. This water can be purchased from a traveling merchant in Flussheim near Ren’s Atelier.

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