How To Get Cash Fast in Splatoon 3 (Money Grinding Guide)

Published on October 12th, 2022 by Gervais D.

Having trouble earning Cash fast in Splatoon 3? Don’t worry, we have your back! This guide will teach you how to grind and get Cash quickly in the game. This currency can be used to purchase and upgrade gear, scrub and reroll abilities, buy decorations, and test your luck in the Shell-Out Gacha Machine. You’re going to need a lot of Cash to afford all of these items, and it’s easy to go broke.

How To Get Cash Fast in Splatoon 3

Food Ticket + Anarchy Ranked Battles

There are some Food Tickets in the game that can be used to increase the amount of Cash you earn during Turf War and Anarchy Battle. Use one of these Food Tickets before entering a match. The amount of Cash you earn will greatly increase if you win the match. Anarchy Battles reward more Cash in comparison to Turf War.

You can obtain Food Tickets by completing the story campaign, leveling up your Catalog Level, getting lucky from Salmon Run bonuses, and from some of the capsules in the Shell-Out Machine. Once you acquire a Food Ticket, enter the online Lobby. To the right, you can find the Crab-N-Go stand. Here, you can use Food Tickets.

Get Bonuses in Salmon Run

Salmon Run is another great way to earn Cash fast in the game. Not only can you earn a lot of Cash from each Salmon Run rotation, but you can also earn Food Tickets that help you increase the Cash you earn from Turf War and Anarchy Battles. Try to obtain all of the bonuses from each Salmon Run rotation every 1-3 days.

Save Money With This Shell-Out Machine Trick

Saving Cash may not help you make more faster, but it can help you save up more. The Shell-Out Machine in the Lobby brings a gacha to Splatoon 3 where you must spend Cash to get a random reward. It costs 5,000 Cash for the first try each day and 30,000 after.

There is a “cheat” to find out this content without having to spend Cash. This way, you can learn what you get and decide if you want to spend the Cash on it or not. This may be patched by Nintendo in a future update.

  1. Go to the Shell-Out Machine.
  2. Purchase a capsule and see what you got.
  3. Quickly suspend your game and exit it.

You should not lose the Cash you spent on a capsule by following this method. If the content is of interest, relaunch Splatoon 3, return to the Shell-Out Machine, and repurchase the capsule. This time, don’t follow the instructions from Step #3 by turning off your game.

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