How To Get Every Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Published on August 17th, 2022 by Natan C.

Heroes play a massive part in customizing your gameplay. Not only can you choose any of them to fight alongside you as an AI-controlled party member, but they open up a vast amount of classes for your party members to use. This gives you access to new play styles to use, and new Master Arts and Master Skills to mix and match with other jobs. As such, any new Hero opens up multiple options to use to cross the world of Aionios. Not only that, they open up a lot of side content. If you recruit one, it opens up multiple side quests you can do. But first and foremost, you need to find them, as most Heroes are optional. This guide will tell you how heroes work, how you can get each one, and what they’re capable of.

Hero Basics

As mentioned earlier, Heroes are extra party members. You can only use one at a time, and you can’t personally control them. However, they still do what you need to do. Most importantly, the main party get their class to use themselves. This way, you can actually play as their classes.

Every Hero has an associated Hero quest, which you need to complete to get access to them. Some of them are part of the main story, but most of them are optional. As such, this guide will focus on how to get every Hero quest.

Getting a Hero Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hero
It’s easy to tell Hero Quests apart from normal side quests

Every Hero has a ‘Class Inheritor’ as well. Upon completing their Hero Quest, their class is given to one of your main party members. In order to have your allies use their class, all you have to do is have them fight alongside someone using that class, be it a party member or the Hero. When you go to your Class screen, you can see that Hero’s chibi icon fills up over time. When it’s full, that character can use that class. As such, it shouldn’t take long before your entire party has that class.


Before we start, this guide will obviously include spoilers. However, it’ll be structured in a way so that you can read along as you progress in the story. As such, the early parts of the guide won’t contain any spoilers, as long as you don’t scroll too far ahead. If you want to avoid spoilers at all cost, here’s a tip to find almost all Hero Quests: search out the yellow question marks on your map. You can hover over them, and if it says “Quest-Related Event”, it’s likely to be a Hero Quest.

As another tip to avoid spoilers: don’t pay any attention to the chibi silhouettes in the Class Selection screen, as you might be able to recognize some characters. Lastly, you can view all Heroes in the main menu through System -> Hero Roster. However, when hovering over characters you don’t have, you can see their silhouette in even more detail. So avoid that menu if you want to remain unspoiled.

The Hero Roster in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
Some later Heroes are surprising additions, so it’d be a shame if they were spoiled for you.

With that said, let’s get started with the complete list of Heroes.

All Heroes

Class: Flash Fencer – Attacker

Hero: Silvercoat Ethel

Unlocking Ethel in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Ironically, the first Hero you come across was censored in the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Direct. Since she’s the first one to join you, Ethel’s Hero Quest is a part of the main story in early Chapter 3. As such, you’re guaranteed to get her and her class. Unfortunately, she leaves the party temporarily during the story. Luckily, her class Flash Fencer is given to you permanently, with Noah as the Class Inheritor.

Flash Fencer is a class with great damage potential. Its user can buff itself using its art Cross Impact and its Skill that buffs damage dealt when using its Talent Art, which can also cause Smash. As such, Flash Fencers have great damage potential when played correctly.

After parting ways with Ethel, you can go and meet another Hero. After passing the Landmark ‘Zem’s Crossway’, head west immediately to the question mark on the map. However, this event doesn’t give you their Hero Quest, as you need to go to their Colony to get it. Unfortunately, it’s situated in a region full of level 40 enemies, so you’ll need to come back to it later.

Class: War Medic – Healer

Hero: Artificer Valdi

Unlocking Valdi in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

It doesn’t take long before you meet your next Hero. The mechanic Valdi will cross your path as you progress through the main quests.

When we say Valdi excels at healing, we mean it. He’s one of the most defensive Healers, as he got plenty of healing arts. Combine that with the ability to increase party defenses and clear debuffs, War Medics can turn your party into an unstoppable bastion.

Class: Guardian Commander – Defender

Hero: Dutiful Zeon

Unlocking Zeon in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Hero

Your first optional Hero has you return to Colony 9. Zeon’s Hero Quest can be obtained by walking around in Colony 30 (which is freed during Valdi’s Hero Quest) and gathering intel. Afterward, head to a rest stop to discuss the info and start the quest.

Your first new Defender is meant for any difficult situation. Zeon can use his Talent Art to power himself up, and he’s great at turning the tides of any battle when things don’t look good.

Class: Thaumaturge – Healer

Hero: Inscrutable Teach

Unlocking Teach in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The first Agnian Hero you can find can easily be missed. To find Mio’s, Taion’s, and Sena’s old commander, head back to the site where you met Guernica and became Ouroboros. Head north to find a single Agnian soldier getting attacked. Approach them to start the Hero Quest.

Teach may be a healer, but he can do a bit of anything. He can heal, obviously, but he can also give Armor Veil to allies and pierce the defenses of foes. Thaumaturge also gives you your first art that can inflict Burst.

Class: Yumsmith – Attacker

Hero: Peerless Riku & Manana

Unlocking Riku & Manana in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The 2 loveable Nopon who’ve been accompanying you from the start need some time to find their combat ability. Luckily, their Hero Quest is also a part of the main story.

Riku & Manana don’t boast the best damage, but they have access to a handful of useful debuffs, including Break, and they’re also great at dealing with multiple enemies at once. When you’re up against a group, be sure to bring a Yumsmith.

Class: Full Metal Jaguar – Attacker

Hero: Ashenpelt Gray

Unlocking Gray in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To meet this mysterious fella, it’s time to backtrack to the Aetia region once again. Head to the ‘Kamos Guidepost’ Landmark, which is south of ‘Kilmarris Highland’. Afterward, head to the northeast to find climbable vines. You’ll need to have Valdi in your party to use them. When you’ve done that, head further northeast to find Ashenpelt Gray.

Full Metal Jaguar is incredibly engaging to play. Not only are dual guns inherently cool, but Gray’s kit synergizes excellently with itself. With a good build, you can do great damage, and look awesome doing it.

Class: Strategos – Healer

Hero: Dawnhero Isurd

Unlocking Isurd in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

While you do meet Taion’s former commander in the main story, his Hero Quest is optional. It shouldn’t be hard to trigger his quest though: After your party sets out to leave Colony Lamba, simply return to the commander’s office and talk to Isurd to get started.

Strategos is a class for those who want a healer, but also want to buff their attackers. Isurd not only features exceptional healing, but he can also buff allies and debuff foes. If you want an offensive supporter, but find Teach’s healing output to be disappointing, Isurd and his class should help you out.

Class: Stalker – Attacker

Hero: Ghostbow Juniper

Unlocking Juniper in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

This agile archer is an unmissable asset to your party, literally. Namely, Juniper’s Hero Quest is a part of the main story.

Juniper’s personal damage might be pretty low for an attacker, but their class Stalker excels at staying in the shadows and avoiding pulling aggro. They are also great at finishing off enemies who are low on health. As such, Juniper is the perfect Hero if you want a safe Attacker.

Class: Lone Exile – Defender

Hero: Undying Blade Ashera

Unlocking Ashera in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The next Hero you can meet can be found in the Keves Castle Region. The party will say that it’s too reckless to infiltrate the castle through the nearby Colony 11. As such, you need to take the zip lines through the Hovering Reefs. However, completely ignore that and head towards Colony 11 anyway. There, you’ll meet Ashera, who is totally the most mentally stable Hero you can get. Yup, she’s completely sane.

Ashera likes to play with things dangerously. She is a Defender with great damage potential, but no arts to directly mitigate damage. Lone Exiles can still take a hit, and dodge them for sure. If you need a tank that can still deal great damage, Ashera and her class are perfect for you.

Class: Incursor – Attacker

Hero: Craftmaiden Alexandria

Unlocking Alexandria in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Remember Alexandria? The commander who attacked you in the Eagus Wilderness around Dies Arch? At this point in the story, your level should be high enough to storm down Colony Iota and get started with Alexandria’s Hero Quest. Just be prepared for some tough fights.

Alexandria’s class Incursor is yet another powerhouse of a class to add to your arsenal. Alexandria’s all about those glorious critical hits. Not only can an Incursor increase their critical hit rate, but their attacks also get more powerful the more critical hits they land. Use Alexandria if you really want to bring the pain.

Class: Lost Vanguard – Defender

Hero: City’s Bulwark Monica

Unlocking Monica in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

After finding out the truth about life in the City and finishing the Swordmarch arc, you can recruit the City’s leader to your party. Simply walk around time to gather info about her father, then head to a campsite to discuss it, and you’re on your way.

Monica is a face tank through and through. With high HP and block rate, Lost Vanguards are not likely to bite the dust. Not only that, they have decent aggro management and Smash art, Monica is a worthwhile addition to your party.

Class: Signifer – Healer

Hero: Proudbanner Fiona

Unlocking Fiora in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

When you get your mighty ship the Boundary, you can journey across the Erythia Sea to meet some more optional Heroes. One such Hero, Fiona can be found after sailing to an island northeast of Sentridge Harbor. There, you’ll find a question mark on the beach, where you’ll meet Fiona.

It might be early in the game’s life to deduce a meta, but Signifer might be one of, if not the best class in the game. While Fiona’s healing is not the best, she excels at giving the party random buffs. With enough buff duration, you can stack buffs on your entire team like there’s no tomorrow. There’s absolutely no reason not to go and recruit Fiona to your cause.

Class: Soulhacker – Attacker

Hero: Defiant Triton

Unlocking Triton in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Arr matey! Ye wanna get a snuffin’ Moebius by yer side? Be honest, you didn’t expect a Consul of all people to be a Hero. In order to forge this unlikely alliance, take your ship and sail northwest from the Swordmarch Harbor to a tiny island called Ishan Isle. After watching the cutscene there, head further west to find the Colony and start the Hero Quest.

Monolith Soft decided to make the most unique class in the game entirely optional huh? While Triton as a Hero isn’t that special, the class he gives to the Ouroboros is truly something else. Soulhackers can’t equip Master Arts or Skills, but instead, they can steal the Arts and Skills of any Unique Monster you defeat. This gives the Soulhacker a huge amount of abilities only they can use. Tip: you can only steal enemy powers when you have a Soulhacker in the party, just having Triton fighting alongside you doesn’t count. However, you can level up Soulhacker to rank 5 to get the Master Skill Soulhack. If you equip it to one of your characters, you can steal Arts and Skills without a Soulhacker.

Class: Martial Artist – Attacker

Hero: Wrathfist Ghondor

Unlocking Ghondor in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

If you want to fight alongside this foul-mouthed Martial Artist, you’re in luck. She doesn’t require a Hero Quest to unlock her, but you can still get her through the main story. It’s a good reward after the emotional trauma from the previous story Arc.

Ghondor uses her arts more than she swears. Martial Artists can recharge their Arts faster than normal, but the Talent Art consumes all recharged Arts in exchange for a power boost. As such, Ghondor’s moveset is quick and powerful.

Class: Troubadour – Healer

Hero: Glorysong Miyabi

Unlocking Miyabi in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

To round up the main story Heroes, Mio’s childhood friend Miyabi returns to aid your cause. Like Ghondor, she doesn’t have a dedicated Hero Quest to get her, but she’s obtained through ‘Side Story: Mio’, which is a required quest for the main story. It also allows you to rank up Zephyr to level 20.

Similar to Fiona, Miyabi doesn’t have a lot of burst healing, but she’s an amazing support unit. Her unique ability is to boost the recharge speeds of the Arts of your team. Alongside a reliable Burst option and pausing buff timers, Troubadours are reliable assets to any party.

Class: Seraph – Attacker

Hero: Smoldering Cammuravi

Unlocking Cammuravi in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Miyabi is not the only fallen comrade of the party that returned. While Mwamba won’t fight by your side anymore, Cammuravi is willing to aid you. Right after the events in Colony Omega, return there to start Cammuravi’s Hero Quest.

Berserkers are a common trope in any media-revolving combat, and Cammuravi fills the quota for this game. Luckily, unlike other warriors pulling from that archetype, a Seraph doesn’t need to be at death’s door to bring the heat. Simply taking a bit of damage is enough to power up. That being said, Seraph is still a risk-reward class, with insane damage potential but with obvious drawbacks.

Bonus: How to get Ethel back

During Cammuravi’s Hero Quest, you might have encountered another familiar face. Fans of the silver haired dual sword wielding commander will wonder if they can ever reunite with Silvercoat Ethel. Luckily, Cammuravi’s quest opened that possibility. After his Hero Quest, return to Colony Omega with him in your party. If it doesn’t work, you might need to skip travel back to the camp. Enter the lab and after a cutscene, you are able to fight alongside Ethel again. Additionally, this event allows both Flash Fencer and Seraph to be upgraded to level 20.

The location to get Ethel back in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
If you get this line of dialogue when entering Colony Omega, you know you’re ready to fight alongside Ethel once again.

Class: Machine Assassin – Attacker

Hero: No. 7 Segiri

Unlocking Segiri in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Machine Assassin is the (seemingly) final class you can get in this game, but as a result, it’s one of the more difficult Heroes to find. Namely, Segiri’s Hero Quest has a handful of prerequisite quests. Let’s break them down.

First off, you need to have completed ‘Where The Heart is’, which is Zeon’s Hero Quest, so you probably already have that covered.  Next up, you have to complete the following quests in Colony 4. They can either be obtained by gathering and discussing information or going to magnifying glasses in the Ferronis.

  • Charity and Hypocrisy
  • Melody of Mourning Quest
  • Dorin and Bambam
  • Rousing Bolearis
  • A Burning Curiosity
  • Exhausted Supplies
  • Tactical Eradication
  • Severed Connection

The latter of which continues the plotline of the strange machine assassins. After these quests, head to the City to gather information about a strange book called a “novel”. Discuss it to get the “Writers’ Block” quest.

To finish off this questline, head back to colony Omega. Head directly southwest from the camp to trigger the quest “The Illusion Returns”. After beating it, Segiri’s Hero quest immediately starts.

The location to trigger The Illusion Returns quest in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
The marker is where you can trigger the final quest before starting Segiri’s Hero Quest.

If Fiona’s main specialty is buffs, then Segiri excels in debuffs. Machine Assasins can apply random debuffs to enemies and spread them to their allies. If you like this type of gameplay, then this quest chain is worth the effort.

And that is the entire Class menu screen filled out! However, there are still more Heroes to find. More Heroes will be added through the Expansion Pass, but we obviously can’t talk about them yet. Luckily, there are 2 more hidden Heroes that you can get at the moment. The main requirement for these Heroes is finishing the final boss and watching the credits roll. Only then can you get your final Heroes. And obviously, these aren’t just any random commanders, but characters we already know and love from the past.

Class: Lifesage – Healer

Hero: Nia, Queen of Agnus

Unlocking Nia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The first returning character you meet in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is the one and only Nia! Luckily for us, the Queen of Agnus is still the same Welsch catgirl we all know and love. As mentioned earlier, Nia (and the next Hero) can only be obtained after beating the final boss at least once. Afterward, head back to Cloudkeep, in the Hall of the Serene, where the party first met her. After a cutscene, you obtain Nia and her class.

Just like in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Nia is hyperfocused on healing. Luckily for her, Healers are way more important this time around. Additionally, she can now deal great damage thanks to her powers being able to pierce defenses. But most importantly, Lifesages have Pyra and Mythra’s swords floating behind them! Overall, Lifesage is an effective class and homages Xenoblade Chronicles 2 in a beautiful way.

Class: Royal Summoner – Attacker

Hero: Melia, Queen of Keves

Unlocking Melia in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Last but certainly not least, the Hope of the High Entia herself joins the fight! Simply head to the entrance of Keves Castle to recruit Melia Antiqua to your cause.

Melia obviously retains her role from the original Xenoblade Chronicles. She is still an incredibly powerful ether attacker who relies on summoning and discharging Elementals. The Royal Summoner class in particular excels at long battles and supporting allies in the meantime. Thanks to all this, Melia makes for a great final addition to your Hero roster.

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