How To Get Giant Crops in Stardew Valley

Published on June 15th, 2019 by Jordan W.

While you are farming, you can grow giant crops that get you more crop than you actually grew. This guide helps you get those giant crops in Stardew Valley.

There are three giant crops in the game.

Those three plants are:

  • Cauliflower
  • Pumpkin
  • Melon

They can not be grown in garden pots or the greenhouse. Giant crops usually won’t appear on the day that the plants are finished growing, but rather some days afterwards. When the plants are all fully grown, there is a 1% chance at the start of each day for the plants to turn giant. Giant crops do not die at the change of season. They give exactly twice as much normal produce.

Preparing For Giant Crops

Make a field of at least 3×3, with 9 plants minimum. You should grow the plants like normal, however, just leave them in the ground. If everything goes well, you should have a giant crop!For growing big cropsfully grown cauliflower

Tips To Get Giant Crops in Stardew Valley

  • Fertilizer matters! Using fertilizers that help crops grow faster (Speed Gro, Deluxe Speed Gro) will allow for more days for the plants to turn into a giant crop. Fertilizers that help increase quality of plants will not help with the process (Basic Fertilizer, Quality Fertilizer), and neither will fertilizer that keeps water overnight (Basic Retaining Soil, Quality Retaining Soil).
  • Having a dedicated crop field for every season is a good idea. However, you might want to make a new field for trying to grow giant plants only. Doing this allows you to fill out your main field first before you try to grow giant crops.
  • Giant Crop Fields should always have a lot of space available for planting. If you use sprinklers, make sure there are multiple chances for a giant crop to grow. You should always try to receive profit from plants, no matter what! If it’s the last day of the month, and there is still no giant crop, just pick the plants and sell them.
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