How To Get Iridium Ore/Bars Quickly in Stardew Valley

Published on June 15th, 2019 by Gervais D.

Iridium bars are extremely valuable items in Stardew Valley which can be used to upgrade tools, construct buildings or craft various items such as iridium sprinklers, iridium bands, crystalariums, slime incubators and wedding rings. In addition, they can also be sold for the game’s currency.

This guide helps you get iridium ore/bars quickly and will be split into two parts:

  • Getting iridium ore the earliest in the game
  • Getting iridium ore late in the game

Getting iridium ore the earliest in the game

The Mines

Copper, iron and gold ore are the most common types of ore you will find at ‘The Mines’ depending on how high of a level you are at. At around levels 115 to 119, there is a slight chance of finding iridium ore or geodes that contain them.

The Mines - Stardew Valley

Geodes I obtained iridium ore from:

  • Magma Geode - Stardew Valley Magma Geode
  • Omni Geode - Stardew Valley Omni Geode

Collect as many geodes from the mines and visit the blacksmith to crack them all open for an affordable price. The blacksmith is located at the bottom-right of the town map.

From my experience, magma geodes had the higher chance of dropping iridium ore.


Although it isn’t a reliable method to get iridium ore, you can sometimes get lucky and obtain a small amount from the treasure chests while fishing. If you’re not as lucky, you may get other valuable items such as a dino egg or something to donate to the museum.

Traveling Cart

Sometimes the Traveling Cart will either sell you iridium ore or an iridium bar, although the chances are slim at 2.5% and 1.26% respectively. It’s still worth checking the traveling cart when it’s out because there are other goodies available from time to time.

Traveling Cart - Stardew Valley

The cart makes its appearance south of the farm in Cindersap Forest on Fridays and Sundays, as well as the Night Market during Winter (days 15-17).

Getting iridium ore late in the game

Skull Cavern

The best way to get iridium ore is at the Skull Cavern after unlocking it. Iridium ore can be found at the deeper levels of the skull cavern – by cracking nodes open with the pickaxe or defeating enemies such as the iridium crabs, iridium bats and purple slimes.

  • Floors 50-70: you might find 1-2 iridium node(s) per floor.
  • Floors 70-100: multiple iridium nodes can be found.
  • Floor 300+: extremely common just like stones.

To get to the deeper floors of the Skull Cavern faster, you will need to buy a lot of stone from Robin’s Carpenter Shop and craft them into staircases – 99 stone pieces can craft one staircase. You may also want to keep some 999 pieces of stone in one slot so your entire inventory isn’t filled with staircases because each staircase uses up a slot in your inventory.

Inventory Menu - Stardew Valley

It’s also important to carry food, a home warp totem and A LOT of bombs. Food recovers health (most important) and energy while bombs blow up stones and iridium nodes. It’s easier to collect iridium ore and additional stone when you blow everything up with bombs.

Slime Hutch

As mentioned before, purple slimes have a chance of dropping iridium ore or iridium bars.

The Slime Hutch can be constructed at your farm by Robin at her Carpenter Shop.

It costs:

  • 10,000 gold coins
  • 500 stone
  • 10 refined quartz
  • 1 iridium bar

You will have to try to hatch a purple slime from the Slime Egg-Press, which can be crafted from 25 pieces of coal, 1 fire quatz and a battery pack. Take note that green slimes are more common to hatch.

Statue Of Perfection

Two to eight iridium ore can be obtained from the Statue of Perfection on a daily basis. It’s a piece of furniture you obtain from Grandpa’s Shrine after four candles are lit. It’s another great way to rack up iridium ore without going into the caves.

In case you do not know how to obtain iridium bars from iridium ore, you need to craft a furnace or get the furnace reward from a bundle. Set it wherever you like and put at least 5 iridium ore and 1 coal in your inventory. Go up to the furnace and press A. An iridium bar should appear after a decent wait (it’s recommended to put ore in at nights so they are smelted the next morning).

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