How To Get Missing Student’s Name in Memorial Garden in Monark

Published on February 22nd, 2022 by Gervais D.

There is a female student (Shiori Fugiwara) in the Memorial Garden who asks you to find the missing name of her classmate on a grave. Getting the information will have her give you a gate key to progress further in the story. Unfortunately, the deceased student is not registered in your profile menu.

This guide will teach you how to get the student’s name and progress with the story in Monark.

How To Get The Missing Student’s Name in the Memorial Garden in Monark

  1. Shiori Fugiwara is registered as a Year 2 Class B student in the profile menu. Go to the 2nd Year Building and find Class B. You should find a note titled Rosemary.
  2. The grave has the ID (020211010) of the dead person; however, it does not have their name. To find their name, you need to log into a computer with their ID and password. Go to Club Lab #2 in the 2nd Year Building (Floor 3) where the computer is located.
  3. Use Rosemary as the password and the student’s ID (020211010) that you already have to log in.
  4. You should get the information you need after logging in. Return to the Memorial Garden and talk to the student next to the grave.

The name of the deceased student is Takamori Suzuki. You won’t be able to type it out as an answer. You will need to at least get to the computer in Club Lab #2 – 2nd Year Building (Floor 3). Only then would you be able to interact with Shiori Fugiwara after logging in and getting the information.

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