How to get more bells from rocks in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Published on June 27th, 2013 by Rocío V.

If you didn’t know, hitting every rock once a day in Animal Crossing: New Leaf with your shovel is  a very good practice. Everyday you do not do this, you’re missing over 15, 000 bells.

How do you know which rock is the right one? You don’t. You have to keep hitting different rocks until you find the right one. Everyday is a different rock. You only have one shot at getting the money. Once you start, you have to keep hitting the rock until it stops moving. Each time you hit it with your shovel or axe, there is a recoil that will move you back little by little. If you do not pay attention and your doll swings the air or digs a hole, you won’t have time to recover in time.

There is a very simple simple trick that has worked for me really nicely. It may be a tad tedious but it is worth it. Before you start hitting a rock you will need to create three holes behind you. The holes should be in a straight line. Also, make sure that you’re within range of hitting the rock. What for? To prevent you from recoiling too far. They’re going to be like an invisible barrier. It doesn’t matter what side the holes are on as long your character is between the holes and the rock.

new leaf rock holes bells( See the trick in action in the screenshot above )

Make sure that you’re at the center of the holes (that you dug) and hit the rock. If it’s not the right rock, just move along and repeat the process. One of them will be the right one, therefore, you will not want to be unprepared. That’s it. Pretty easy, right?

If you do this right you will be able to get up to a sum of 16,100 bells in the following order:

  • 100 bellsNew Leaf Rock Bells
  • 200 bells
  • 300 bells
  • 500 bells
  • 1 000 bells
  • 2 000 bells
  • 4 000 bells
  • 8 000 bells

At least that is the maximum I’ve gotten. Now pick them up. Press X (or the first top tab in your touch screen) to see your pockets and drag the money towards the Yellow area where it displays your current amount of bells. This is to move the Bells from your pockets to your wallet. Hurray!

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