How to get pass Clock Tower Floor 7 in Persona Q

Published on September 15th, 2015 by Gervais D.

The Clock Tower labyrinth in Persona Q does not have many or any puzzles at all like the previous labyrinths, however, there is one particular floor that might get you stuck. This guide helps you understand how to get through the obstacles and move forward to floor 8.

Map of the 7th floor of the Clock Tower :

Clock Tower Floor 7 in Persona Q

Stuck on Clock Tower Floor 7? Follow the instructions below to move forward :

From outside the labyrinth, fast travel to floor 7 of the Clock Tower. Go through the door between the points D4 and E5 on the map and you should find some gondolas. To get to the other floor, you must ride these gondolas one by one in a certain pattern.

Step 1 :

The first one you should find is on D4 of the map. Use it to travel west (assuming they’re set to their default positions). Letters are to the left and numbers are to the top on the map.

Step 2 :

Take a step south and use the second gondola to travel east. You should be back where you started, but the second gondola can be moved in other directions.

  1. Take a step north, a step west and use the gondola to travel south.
  2. Take one step east, followed by one step north, and use the  gondola to travel west.
  3. Take a step south, followed by one step east, and then use the gondola to travel north.

Step 3 :

As soon as you step off of the gondola, follow the red arrow in the screenshot below to go to the next room :

Getting pass the Clock Tower Floor 7 in Persona Q

You should be able to use the gondola to travel west.

Step 4 :

Use the next gondola you find to travel south.

You should be back to the first gondola. Use it to travel east. After, follow the direction of the red arrow in the screenshot below to find the red button to move the piston so you can press the floor switch (number 6).

Getting pass the Clock Tower Floor 7 in Persona Q

Press the red button again to move back the piston to its original position so you can pass through it. Go straight up (north) without wasting steps to pass through the gate without it closing (otherwise you’ll have to go back and press the number 6 floor switch again). Keep moving and you will eventually find stairs. Use the stairs to go to floor 6 of the Clock Tower, and use them again to go back to floor 7.

Alternatively, if you have already unlocked the shortcuts, you can use those instead of passing through the gate again.

Step 5 :

Once you’re back on floor 7, follow the red arrow direction from the screenshot below to travel from one gondola to the other (finding a treasure chest along the way) to find the stairs to the next floor.

Getting pass the Clock Tower Floor 7 in Persona Q

Use the stairs to go to the next floor and you’re done.

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