How To Get Past Poison Swamp To Chronos in Demon Gaze Extra

Published on May 18th, 2022 by Gervais D.

Chronos is a demon that can be found at the Cursed Cemetery in Demon Gaze Extra. You’re required to defeat her to progress further in the story. Getting to her is a challenge in the game because the poison swamp and water block your path. This guide will help you get to her.

How To Get To Chronos in Demon Gaze Extra

Important: you must equip Mars to see the hidden door.

  1. Clear all of the demon circles in the area.
  2. Chronos’s demon circle should appear at X:12, Y:06 but you can’t directly get to it.
  3. Go to the Unmarked Grave and travel to X:08, Y:19.
  4. Open the door (you should be in the Cursed Cemetery) and get to X:11, Y:00.
  5. Face north and press the A button. A hidden door should be revealed.
How To Get Past Poison Swamp To Chronos in Demon Gaze Extra
X:11, Y:00 coordinates on the Cursed Cemetery map.

The path from here should be straightforward. Just keep moving in the linear direction and cross a single poison swamp. Heal your party members from the damage they received due to the poison swamp and then engage Chronos in battle.

How To Get Past Poison Blocks in Demon Gaze Extra

You may have seen areas you need to get to but can’t because many poison blocks prevent your progression. This is normal and these areas are possible to get to. After defeating Chronos and getting her key, add her to your team in the demon slot and you should now be able to move through hazard blocks (like the Poison Swamp) without receiving damage.

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