How To Get Play Coins on the Nintendo 3DS

Published on June 26th, 2013 by Gervais D.

Every Nintendo 3DS has a built-in feature called Play Coins. These coins can be used in games to collect content. This tutorial teaches you how to get Play Coins on the Nintendo 3DS, and lists what these coins can be used for supported games.

How To Get Play Coins on the Nintendo 3DS

To get Play Coins on the Nintendo 3DS, all that you have to do is walk while the 3DS is turned on (Home Menu) and closed. Every 100 steps you take, you get 1 Play Coin. It is possible to gain 10 Play Coins per day, and have a maximum of 300 at a time.

Is it possible to get Play Coins on the Nintendo 3DS without walking?

Yes! It is possible. It’s sort of like gaming the system, and here’s how to do it. Keep shaking your Nintendo 3DS. Check if the number of steps from the 3DS top screen increased to confirm that you’re shaking it good enough.

Can I get over 10 Play Coins per day?

It is possible, however, you will be required to change your date via Settings. Remember, you can only collect 10 Play Coins per day. Therefore, all that you have to do is change the date on the 3DS to the next to get 10 more Play Coins, and so on.

List of games that support Play Coins :

Nintendo 3DS Game What you get for Play Coins Amount Needed
Animal Crossing: New Leaf Fortune cookies (exchanged for rear items) 2 per cookie
Dead or Alive: Dimensions Random figures and costumes 10 per 3 figures
Kid Icarus: Uprising Eggs for Idol Toss 1 per egg
LEGO Star Wars III Characters
Nano Assault EX Songs and nanopedia items 1 per Nana coin
Pokemon Dream Radar Maximize the amount of clouds (3 uses daily) 5 per use
Pokemon Rumble Blast Inviting customers to the shop 10 per customer
Resident Evil: Revelations Weapons and Upgrades for Raid Mode 10 per item
Resident Evil: The Mercenaries Weapons
Samurai Warriors: Chronicles Money 1 per 100 gold
SMT: Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers Upgrading Nemechi demon and purchasing demons 1 per 15 D-Souls
Sonic Generations New missions 5 per mission
Super Street Fighter IV Figure points
The Sims 3: Pets Karma Points

Note: AR Games and StreetPass Mii Plaza games were not included in the list above.

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