How To Get Raw Strange Metal in Summer in Mara

Published on June 15th, 2020 by Gervais D.

Raw Strange Metal is material in Summer in Mara and at some point in the game, Aquila will ask for 10 of it. The troublesome part is finding where to get it in the requested quantity. This guide will teach you how to obtain Raw Strange Metal so that you can continue with quests.

How To Get Raw Strange Metal in Summer in Mara

Sea Crab & Black Volcano

There is a crab to the north of Black Volcano (bottom of the map of Mara). Find it and interact with it to get a Raw Strange Metal. Unfortunately, there might not be more crabs with the material and it may not respawn the material on the crab.

Exploring Black Volcano will net you 2 more Raw Strange Metals.

Buy Raw Strange Metal From Dunna

Dunna lives on the Black Volcano island. Complete quests until you get the quest to make her a salad and she will open up her doors to you. Once you have access to inside her house, you can purchase 5 Raw Strange Metals from her each day.

Go to your boat and sleep to change the date. Find her house again to purchase 5 more.

Hammer Upgrade

The third hammer upgrade is capable of breaking raw strange metal mining nodes. They’re supposed to be the toughest nodes in the game and they give out 1-3 Raw Strange Metals with each node. There will be a lot at Black Volcano to break.

Raw Strange Metal in Summer in Mara
Raw Strange Metal can be obtained from mining.

To get the third hammer upgrade, you must finish Dunna’s quests before you’re gifted a sheep (it’s around when you first meet her). You will eventually get the recipe from the blacksmith and you’ll have to make it yourself at your workshop.

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