How To Get The Coin Pouch (Item) in Kitaria Fables

Published on September 5th, 2021 by Gervais D.

The Coin Pouch is an essential item to make one of the strongest swords in Kitaria Fables. This guide will teach you how to get the Coin Pouch.

How To Get The Coin Pouch (Item) in Kitaria Fables

How To Get The Key To Enter The Canini Beach Dungeon

Before you can get the Coin Pouch, you have to enter the dungeon in Canini Beach. Unfortunately, it’s locked and you need a key. The game won’t tell you how to obtain this key, but it’s possible to get it through completing the quest by Sunny on Canini Beach. The problem here is getting this quest.

You can only trigger it by completing another quest (My Lunchbox quest) that’s easy to miss since you’d be spoiled by teleporters at this point. Remember the first entrance to Rivero Fortress that you’ve probably forgotten about? Go there; if you forgot how to get there, teleport to Rivero Fortress and head south.

There will be a guard at the entrance to Rivero Fortress with a pending quest. Interact with him and complete the quests. Completing it should be a matter of walking around in the Rivero Fortress and buying some cheap goodies. Clear it, rest, and go to Canini Beach (teleport to South Sand Dune and go south). Talk to Sunny, get their quest, and complete it. After that, getting the key should be straightforward.

Outside Rivero Fortress in Kitaria Fables
This guard is easy to miss.

Now, head west on Canini Beach to find the dungeon and enter it.

How To Beat Greed and get the Coin Pouch

Greed throws a hard punch, but he’s not too difficult to defeat. It’s best to avoid his wheel strike attack; to do so, you should aim to attack his sides or back instead of his front. Another thing you should do is stack up on healing items in case you get inflicted with the burn status. The burn will drain your HP if left unattended, so it’s better to be safe rather than sorry.

Greed (Boss) in Kitaria Fables
Greed drops the Coin Pouch.

Keep hitting him with some of your strongest weapon or magic skills and he’ll eventually succumb to defeat.

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