How To Get The Greatest Love Song Ever in Graveyard Keeper

Published on July 16th, 2019 by Gervais D.

Ms Charm will give you a quest to get the Greatest Love Song Ever in Graveyard Keeper. Unfortunately, it isn’t something you can write/craft yourself in the game. This guide will help you get it.

How To Get The ‘Greatest Love Song Ever’ for Ms Charm in Graveyard Keeper

After getting the quest from Ms Charm, talk to the Vagner at the Dead Horse Inn and he will request an infusion of fly agaric from you.

Vagner - Graveyard Keeper

To get the infusion of fly agaric, go to the cellar beneath your house and build the Alcohol Distiller. Unlock the Alcohol Distiller technology under the ‘Farming and Nature’ menu to gain the option of building the Alcohol Distiller. Press [-] (controller) -> Technologies -> Farming and Nature -> Strong Alcohol.

Materials you need to build the Alcohol Distiller:

  • A piece of stone x 20
  • Complex iron parts x 8
  • Flitch x 12

After building the Alcohol Distiller, you can make the Infusion:

  • Booze x 1
  • Red Mushroom x 3

Booze can be made in the Alcohol Distiller with a bottle of apple/berry ferment or red wine (any quality). The Infusion is made from booze and 3 red mushrooms. The ‘Master Gathering’ technology must be unlocked from the ‘Farming and Nature’ menu.

Press [-] (controller) -> Technologies -> Farming and Nature -> Master Gathering.

Go to the swarm located at the far-left side of the Graveyard and forage them near Clotho’s hut. Make your way back to the cellar and put the ingredients into the Alcohol Distiller to make the Infusion.

After obtaining the infusion of fly agaric, follow the steps below:

  1. Head back to the Dead Horse Inn and give it to Vagner.
  2. Leave and return the next day.
  3. Meet Vagner at the sea cliffs (top-right corner) near Mountain Fort at night.

You should get the greatest love song lyrics which you can then give to Ms Charm on the day she appears at the Dead Horse Inn.

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