How To Get The Moonstone in Kitaria Fables

Published on September 4th, 2021 by Gervais D.

Moonstone is crafting material in Kitaria Fables. This guide will teach you how to get Moonstone in the game and show you what items you can craft when using it as crafting meterial.

How To Get The Moonstone in Kitaria Fables

What Can You Craft With The Moonstone

The following items can be crafted with the Moonstone:

  • Composite Bow x 2 – a midrange bow in the game.
  • Cursed Bow x 2 – the most powerful bow in the game.
  • Hunter’s Hat x 1 – the best magic defense hat in the game.

How To Beat Freddy o’ Lantern

Freddy o’ Lantern can be found at the Fort Outer Wall during the night. You can teleport to the Rivero Fortress and use the south exit to get to Fort Outer Wall. It’s best to go there during the evening time or exactly as night, as the only way back would be to return to Paw Village. The entrance back to Rivero Fortress will be closed until the daytime.

Freddy o’ Lantern will most likely be too powerful for you to handle until you’ve crafted magic defense gear. That way, you’ll be able to withstand its magical fire skills. Once you’re able to do that and heal yourself because of the burn status that it can inflict upon you (which reduces a small portion of your HP for X turns), Freddy o’ Lantern shouldn’t be too much trouble to beat.

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