How To Get The True Ending in Megadimension Neptunia VII

Published on July 29th, 2020 by Gervais D.

Megadimension Neptunia VII has three endings. Its true ending is its revival ending, and this guide will show you what you need to do to get it. Failing to follow one of the instructions from this guide will forfeit any chance of getting it.

List of endings in the game:

  • Bad Endiing
  • Ascension Ending
  • Revival Ending

The Bad Ending is the default ending you get if you do not pass any of the requirements to unlock either the Ascension or Revival endings. The Ascension Ending is triggered after defeating the boss in Channel Space and viewing all four green exclamation mark events on the map before going to the next dungeon. You will need to make routes to each event point.

How To Get The True Ending in Megadimension Neptunia VII

The Revival Ending is more complicated. It requires many more actions and some are easy to miss. If you’re already far in the game and haven’t carefully checked everything out, there’s a high chance you’ve lost your opportunity of triggering the Revival Ending.

Zero Dimension

Make sure to carefully watch out for every conversation in the Converse menu during the Zero Dimension arc. You need to read the optional Uzume’s memories of Histoire cutscene to complete the first step in triggering the Revival Ending.

The conversation event will not be marked with a red exclamation mark, therefore you need to keep checking the Converse option whenever you go to heal yourself and partake in other story events.

Hyper Dimension

It gets a little more complicated in Hyper Dimension. You need to ensure that you level the Public Relations to at least Level 4 or higher to trigger the events where the Goddesses feel sleepy and might see a dream. It’s important that you view each event.

This may require grinding for money in each of the Goddesses’ respective arcs.

Neptune’s Arc

Neptune’s arc is the most complex out of the two above. You need to complete four events to ensure that you trigger the Revival Ending, assuming you’ve followed the above correctly.

  1. Upon entering Sakura Tree Row, a new quest will appear to eliminate 8 Dogoos. Before defeating the boss of this dungeon, complete the quest and view the event of the memory of Histoire’s via Converse.
  2. Defeat the boss in Sakura Tree Row and a new quest will appear to defeat Delinquent Cats. Hunt those cats down and complete the quest. This should trigger Chuko’s first event.
  3. You should now unlock another quest to defeat Red Dogoos. Once again, complete this quest and you should trigger Chuko’s second event.
  4. After finishing all of the above, raise Planeptune’s shares until you unlock a conversation where Histoire will tell you that she’s sleepy.

If you did everything to the word, you should unlock the Revival Ending. Neptune will break the 4th wall and mention how their actions need to change to reach a happy end during the final scenes to the Ascension Ending.

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