How To Get The Wind Orb in Hero Must Die. Again

Published on February 28th, 2020 by Gervais D.

The Wind Orb is one of the toughest orbs to obtain in Hero must die. again. It’s one of the required items to complete two quests by characters in the game. This guide will tell you how to get it.

Marianne in Hero must die. again
Marianne wants three orbs to complete her quest, including the wind orb.

How To Get The Wind Orb in Hero must die. again

Method 1: The recommended method

When starting the game, travel straight to the Demon Lord in the Demon Lord’s Chamber and defeat him. Get the Green Key from the chest he protected and move to the lower area of the map (Reservoir). There should be a green door in which the green key will unlock. It has a chest with the Green Orb.

Method 2: RNG

This method hasn’t been tested multiple times to confirm reproducibility.

In the second playthrough, the Wind Orb became an item the princess gives out when returning to the palace after days have passed from your journey. Getting it as one of the options might be RNG related because one time it wasn’t available and the other time it was.

These two methods might need to be used to get two Wind Orbs to complete 2 requests:

  1. Liu’s quest – give her a wind orb.
  2. Marianne’s quest – give her the fire, water, and wind orbs.

There may be other ways to obtain Wind Orbs in this game.

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