How To Get Thread in Summer in Mara

Published on June 12th, 2020 by Gervais D.

Thread is an essential item to have for catching fish in Summer in Mara. You wouldn’t need it early in the game to fish, however, you will need soon after for crafting and building purposes. This guide will teach you how to obtain Thread.

How To Get Thread in Summer in Mara

Besides finding it in the overworld, which is rare, you can obtain the recipe for Thread at a specific point of the game. Keep playing until you fix your boat and travel to the other island. Keep completing main objectives and eventually, you will get the recipe to craft Thread.

Materials needed to craft Thread:

  • Cotton x 2

Head back to the workshop on your home island and craft Thread.

How To Get Cotton in Summer in Mara

There are two methods to get Cotton in Summer in Mara.

The first is to use the Cotton Seeds you obtained upon accepting the quest to craft Thread. The second and faster method is purchasing it through the merchant for 24 gold per cotton (max of 5 purchases). You can easily obtain gold by breaking the ore at the tunnel on your home island and selling it to the merchant.

Merchant in Summer in Mara
This merchant sells you Cotton for 24 gold.

If you choose to use the first method, go back to your home island and plant the Cotton Seeds on your farm. If water is available from the well, use it. If not, you will still get cotton but it may take longer to harvest. You can choose the sleep option at your workshop to speed up time.

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