How To Get To Shinobazu Pond in SMT IV: Apocalypse

Published on September 20th, 2016 by Gervais D.

When you’re far in Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse, you will get the ‘Defeat the Ghosts’ quest. This quest requires you to find Shinobazu Pond so that you can get rid of some demons. Shinobazu Pond can be found in Ueno and this guide shows you how to get there.

How To Get To Shinobazu Pond in Shin Megami Tensei 4: Apocalypse

Step 1: Use a terminal to transport yourself to the Ueno Central Underground District.

Step 2: Follow the directions in the screenshot below to get yourself to the Ueno Underground Passage.

How To Get To Shinobazu Pond in SMT IV: Apocalypse

Continue going forward as seen in the screenshot and you should find Shinobazu Pond.

What is Tamagami’s weakness in for the Defeat the Ghosts quests :

If this quest is active for you and you are in Shinobazu Pond, you should see red glitch-like objects on your screen (it represents where demons are in the game’s maps). After defeating the 4th one, you should meet what remains of Tamagami.

Tamagami is level 71 and his skills are :

  • Ancient Curse (causes sick, poison, stun and/or sleep)
  • Death’s Door (reduces the HP of all enemies to 1 if sick)does KO’s status
  • Dark skill (regular one, targets one enemy)
  • Eternal Rest (kills target if they are sleeping)

The almighty attack Tamagami uses has a chance to KO targets under certain circumstances (eg. certain status).

Once you can get passed Ancient Curse, defeating Tamagami is a walk in the park. His weakness (he is in a female’s body) is fire skills although I do not think he blocks or has resistance against other skills (probably dark skills).

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