How To Increase Product Rank in Disgaea 4 Complete+

Published on November 15th, 2019 by Gervais D.

Product Rank gives you access to better weapons, armor, and items in Disgaea 4 Complete+. This guide will teach you how to increase your Product Rank in the game.

How To Increase Product Rank in Disgaea 4 Complete+

Increasing product rank in Disgaea 4 Complete+

Step 1: Earn Hell (HL)

HL, short for Hell, is the game’s currency. You can earn it from redoing episode levels or selling your unwanted goods at stores. It should be obvious that items sold will be extremely expensive, therefore it’s necessary to get as much HL as you can.

Step 2: Make Purchases From The Stores

Your Customer Rank cannot be lower than your Product Rank. You must purchase weapons, armor/accessories and/or items from stores to increase your Customer Rank. The best way to quickly increase it is to purchase the most expensive goods. You can resell them to get a fraction of your HL back.

Step 3: Senate Hearings

Go to a Senate Hearing and choose the ‘More Expensive Stuff’ option. It costs Mana but it’s cheap. Keep doing this until your Product Rank is the same as your Customer Rank. Follow the instructions above to further increase your Customer Rank.

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