How To Make Money Fast in Kitaria Fables

Published on September 5th, 2021 by Gervais D.

If you’re having trouble earning money (Paw Pennies) in Kitaria Fables, this guide should help give you the knowledge to start earning in the big leagues.

Best Ways To Make Money in Kitaria Fables

Plant Crops

Planting crops is one of the main sources of income in Kitaria Fables. The table below shows you the seed costs and their sell value. Use it to find what’s currently available to you in the game so you can take advantage of earning the most money from your farming work.

Crop Buy Price Sell Price
Wheat 20 30
Cabbage 40 60
Carrot 40 60
Potato 50 75
Onion 40 55
Corn 60 95
Tomato 60 80
Strawberry 60 80
Kale 70 100
Tulip 40 45
Sunflower 100 150
Bell Pepper 80 160
Grape 80 120
Pineapple 100 200
Pumpkin 100 280

The best crops to sell are Grapes, Pineapple, and Pumpkins. Grape seeds can be purchased early in the game. Pineapple seeds will eventually follow once you progress with the story and meet the traveling night merchant at Paw Village. After completing more quests, you’ll eventually get a quest to unlock Pumpkin seeds. Pumpkin seeds are the best to plant, harvest, and sell to earn the most Paw Pennies.

Mine Ore

Mining ore and changing them into ingots is another great way to earn Paw Pennies. The list below should show you the main areas to farm for ore. But don’t forget to carry your pickaxe (any is fine, as long as you clear out the surrounding enemies in the area).

Best/Main locations to mine ore in Kitaria Fables

  • Paw Village – only place you can mine ore early.
  • Mountain Tunnel Entrance – teleport to the Forest Sanctuary and go north.
  • Mountain Tunnel – inside, there are ore you can mine.
  • Mountain Field – north of the winter village.

Get Amber Item Drops

Acquiring Amber is one of the best sources of income you can get in Kitaria Fables. Each Amber nets you 1,000 Paw Pennies. However, only forest monsters have a chance of dropping the item. Blue Moon Lake has some small, fairy-like creatures that can drop it. They’re also great to farm for another great crafting material you may need for better stats.

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