How To Open Your Gates in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Published on June 24th, 2013 by Gervais D.

To let friends visit your town, you must open your town’s gate. To visit a friend’s town, he/she must have his/her gates open. Up to three players can join someone’s town to make a four player party. It’s also possible to communicate with people who are not on your friend list when visiting one of your friend’s town – assuming the person is on your friend’s friend list.

How To Open Your Gates in Animal Crossing: New Leaf

All that you have to do is find the monkey at the train station and talk to him. After talking to him, you can either invite people to visit your town, or you can visit a friend’s town if his/her gates are open. It is recommended to add the person as a best friend if you wish to communicate with the person to play multiplayer faster.

Where is the Train Station?

Go to the top of your town’s map (not the business area with the shops), and find the path that leads to the business area where the shops and museum are located. Don’t go upstairs to the business area. Instead, head into the building to the left of the stairs. Congratulations! You discovered the Train Station. There’s also a blue storage container to the right when inside of the station where you can stock up on your items, or store them.

Monkey at Train Station in Animal Crossing: New Leaf
( Monkey at Train Station in Animal Crossing: New Leaf )

Yes! That’s me in the bear costume. You can’t see the cool-looking shades, unfortunately.

Before you can visit another person’s town (and I’m guessing inviting people is the same), you have to take a photo of yourself at the game’s Photo Booth. The Photo Booth is in the business area (eg. shops, museum, etc) of your town. As a matter of fact, it’s close to the Museum. Pay some of your Bells and enter the Photo Booth to capture a photo of your game’s character and talk to the monkey again.

Select “Visit another town” to visit a friend’s town, or “Invite guests in” to let your friends visit your town. To visit someone’s town or to let players visit your town, both users must have each other as friends on each other’s 3DS friend lists. After selecting the first option, you can choose either “a nearby town” or “a faraway town”. If you’re connecting your 3DS via local wireless, select “a nearby town”. If the person lives away from you and you’re trying to connect with them over Wi-Fi, select “A faraway town”.

From there, you can enjoy multiplayer with your 3DS friends.

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